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Lesson 3-video 2-the love of your life-Miguel Ruiz Sr

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When people ask me about relationships and they ask me if I believe in a soul mate actually my answer is no I really don't believe in soul mates but I believe in a perfect relationship and the perfect relationship should be between you and your body because your body really is the love of your life Your body has been with you since the moment of conception and will be with you until the moment you leave the body then we can see that your body is completely loyal to you If someone is not loyal in the relationship between you and your body is you and I am talking about the mind, and talking about knowledge, about the voice who is talking in your head Then the perfect relationship should be between you and your body From the time that you grow up You learn according to your parents relation a society, moral etc., to reject your body because it is not what everybody wants you to be Then at a certain point you look for role models to be Somebody else and pretend to be what you are not Pretend to be some body else and that becomes stronger when the hormones come into your body and your body is still small and weak and you compare your self with people that are bigger than you and you see that all those options affect you and you wish to be big strong etc. but you can only be what you are Then if you learn to accept your body just the way it is, to love your body the way it is the relationship between you and your body will be better and better and better and this is just the beginning of a new life a new relationship, that has always been with you I will keep talking a bout this the next session I love you

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Posted by: mistyasummers on Nov 19, 2012

The love of your life

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