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Nutzungsbereiche der Sonnenenergie

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Various fields of use of solar energy can be distinguished The greatest amount of energy is used for the global warming of our earth itself It is due to energy that biological life has developed in its most various forms Natural effects of solar energy are for example, the hydrological cycle and the creation of wind by layers of air heating up to different degrees Plants, animals and humans need energy for subsistence vital energy We can distinguish two concepts in which organisms absorb, convert and use energy Plants use sunlight directly For about 4 million years the process of photosynthesis has been the most important biochemical reaction on earth Through this conversion of energy into matter photosynthesis drives almost all existing ecosystems Through the energy of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water inside plants are converted into glucose and oxygen For this purpose plants have stored pigments in their cells able to absorb the energy of the visible sunlight The best known of these pigments is the chlorophyll of chloroplasts stored in the plant cells which is also responsible for the green colour of a leaf Thus more than 100 million tons of biomass are created every year which in turn serve as food and building material for other organisms The second significant concept of energy use is called food intake Contrary to the concept of photosynthesis energy is not generated from light here but from nutrient molecules In order to develop, to survive humans, just like all animals, must eat Without food we would gradually run out of energy we would die The energy potential of our food is measured in joules or in calories As mentioned before, one joule is identical with a newton metre or a watt second merely applied to a different energy system The technological energy consumption has been developed by one species on earth only by man His requirements have kept increasing ever since the utilization of fire about 500,000 years ago About 250 years ago, a process started in England which is historically known as industrialization today and is characterized by mechanical production and ruthless exploitation of resources. At that time nobody worried about the possibility of coal and oil eventually running out

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