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Russia wants to invade Europe and the USA

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Good day to all. In addition to my last video about Putin the globalist, today I would like to talk about a very important issue, which I think is a fundamental one. The last video was only an introduction to this one. Now, I will talk about the long term plan of Russia. This plan is part of the globalist agenda, which originated in the late 50´s. I will particularly rely on the testimony of one former KGB officer and one former Czech general (former USSR), as well as some additional testimonies. The first of these defectors is Anatoli Golitsyn, he worked in the strategic planning department of the KGB in the rank of Major, under the supervision of Ivan Agayants, who was known for his disinformation campaign around Pope Pius XII. He was an analyst in the Soviet intelligence services' branch concerning NATO. So, in fact he was part of the disinformation department: "D", "D" as in "Disinformation" - which is not the exact name in Russian, but it was the KGB's disinformation services in the Soviet Union - In 1961 he was appointed to the USSR Embassy in Finland and on December 15, 1961 being away from the USSR, he defected to the West with his family. Upon arrival in the United States, he was interviewed by James Angleton, Chief of the counterintelligence in the CIA and in 1984, Anatoli Golitsyn published a book titled "New lies for Old", in which he warns the West of the Soviet's long term strategy tending to give a false impression of security in the West, while trying to isolate the United States from their key allies. In 1995, he published another book titled "The Perestroika deception", where he analyzes the continuity of the Russian political action, despite the disappearance of the USSR. In fact, Golitsyn is regarded as the most important defector of the Cold War. Let's have a look now at what he said and why he was regarded as the most important defector. In 1962, upon arrival in the United States, he gave all his knowledge to the CIA, via James Angleton. He wrote his book in 1968, which was published only in 1984 because the CIA asked him to wait, to have priority over the information and to let the situation cool slightly. So, he reveals to the CIA the long term plan of Russia, the plan on which the KGB is working on. This long term plan which was suggested by Chelepin, KGB director at the time, in 1958, led to the creation of the "D" department. And this plan is presented in May 1959 at the conference of Moscow in front of 2,000 senior officers of the KGB. It's a strategical disinformation program inspired by the writings of Sun Tzu and Lenin. Lenin was talking a lot about disinformation in his works. The last chapter of Golitsyn's book is devoted to predictions based on the long-term plan on which he collaborated. So, he was one of the few people to be aware of this special scheme. This department included 50 to 60 analysts, they were specialists of Russia, NATO, Europe, specialists of disinformation. So, only them in Moscow were aware of this KGB long term plan. So we are very fortunate to have a senior officer who made these revelations, therefore it's normal that we do not have more evidence on this. And, about these predictions and according to Mark Riebling - who wrote a book in which, among other things, he talks about Golitsyn - Riebling counted the number of Golitsyn's predictions and established that they were 194 of them in the "New Lies for Old" book. Of the 194 predictions, 139 were fulfilled by 1994, while 9 seemed clearly wrong and the other 46 had not yet been accomplished. So, he says that 46 have not yet been accomplished, but it's possible that they might be in the future. It's amazing to see that on the 194 predictions, 139 have actually been fulfilled. It is an incredible rate as it represents an accuracy of 94%. In these predictions (he talks about many things so I will not go too much in the details) he talks about Solidarnosc and its major play in the future; he talks about the fall of Berlin's Wall; (So he predicted the fall of the Wall of Berlin several decades before) He talks also about Sakharov and says that he was a fake dissident. That the Soviet Union was sending fake dissidents and was pushing for the convergence between the East and the West. Then he talks about Gorbachev's rise to power and gives his name several years before he was elected and he even talks about Boris Yeltsin's rise to power - who was fabricated a few years later - He talks about the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact to be directed by the East, to make believe in the end of the Cold War, which was in fact tactical. The will behind it was in fact the NATO dissolution. A mutual dissolution actually. In his most important revelations, he talks about the liberalization of Communism. He explains that the USSR will be reformed in order to look like the West. The USSR will embrace the capitalist side of the West to make believe that they have changed their ideological point of view and that all will be different. But this changes are only superficial and are only meant to deceive the West. In "Perestroika deception" he completes its analysis with the events of the 84-95 decades and he clearly states that Russia did not give up its will to destroy the world and its desire for the convergence of the two blocks. Here is in excerpt: "The convergence will be accompanied by blood baths and political re-education camps in Western Europe and the United States. The Soviets strategists are counting on an economic depression in the United States and they will seek to introduce their model of reformed socialism with a human face as an alternative to the American system during the depression." This in on page 46 of "Perestroika deception". When he talks about the reeducation camps, it reminds me of the FEMA camps, which are already in the US. I actually think that they are political reeducation camps. Another quote: "The Soviets are not striving for a genuine lasting accommodation with the Western democracies, but for the final world victory of Communism. They are not introducing a true capitalism or a democracy resembling that of Western Europe, but they create an illusion to charm the Western social democrats in new forms of popular front an eventual alliance with the Soviet Union. They are trying to exploit the same illusions to push the Americans to adopt their own restructuring and convergence of the Soviets and Americans systems using for this purpose the fear of nuclear conflict." So, we can see that it is exactly what is going on today with the rise of tensions and the reconciliations of certain groups and certain countries with Russia. To summarize, either Western Europe accepts Communism or a Third World War will break out. Unfortunately, despite all these explanations, Golitsyn's statements are little considered by the West, despite the fact that 94 % of the predictions he made are true. Behind this, one must not forget the work of the fifth column of globalists who work in the same path as Russia, and have always sought to discredit Golitsyn's revelations. They also sought to discredit James Angleton, who was fired from the CIA, because he was hunting the Communist's units that had infiltrated the CIA, according to Golitsyn. So, he was fired because he was talking too much about the danger of these Communist infiltrators. Given that Khrushchev was the creator of the long-term plan and in addition he was the only referent of the KGB unit in charge of this plan, I wondered if there was some evidence in Khrushch's writings or speeches which showed that he was aware of this plan. I found a speech of Ezra Taft Benson who was the United States Secretary of Agriculture during both presidential terms of Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961. Benson met with Khrushchev on September 16, 1959. This date is interesting as it was a few months after the conference in Moscow in May 1959, which I already talked about. I will now talk about Jan Sejna, who was a Czech who confirmed some of Golitsyn's words. He was Major General of the Czechoslovak Army during the Communist era and he defected to the United States at the beginning of the Prague spring in February 1968. In 1982, he too, wrote a book, which is titled "We will bury you", (which are Khrushchev's words). What is interesting, is that, he, as well, speaks about the long Russian long term plan He was head of the special section in charge of the correspondence with Moscow. Therefore, he was at the head of the army special section which had links with different communist's sections in other countries and especially with Moscow. He also made several predictions: Berlin Wall, Warsaw Pact, and also explained that deception was the goal. He also says that from 1967, the countries involved in Warsaw's Pact, received orders - which was part of the Plan - with the parts to complete for each country and their deadlines. Sejna and Golitsyn talk about the Russian's willingness to distance the United States from Europe, both through disinformation, discredit and rumors - hence the term "American imperialism" - even though, I quite agree on the fact that the Americans have currently a foreign policy which is favorable to the globalists, but, it's due to the fifth column that infiltrated the US. It is not the will of the average Americans to impose this doctrine. Look at what happened in France, with its army, who was sent in Afghanistan, in Mali and in Ivory Coast, it was not at all the will of the French people and the true French elites in general, it was in fact, in the background, the will of the globalist elites and those who bow to their wishes. It is important to understand that everything about the Transatlantic Treaty and all the information that could bring a clash between Europe and the US (like for example the WikiLeaks info about the telephone tapping) even if there is some truth into that, there is a will to create a clash between these two blocks. To destroy an alliance that would be stronger united than separated. Russian agents are behind all of this and the fifth globalist's column which work towards the separation of NATO's alliance. Sejna explains the will of Finlandization of Europe, as it can be seen with the recent events in Greece. I am personally convinced that Tsipras will go in the direction of Russia. I have seen that there were requests from Vladimir Putin to unite Greece and Russia and to strengthen their bonds. I am convinced that Tsipras, who is a leftist, will get closer to Russia, which will weaken the EU. So it's much easier for Russia to have one country after another detached from the other, to convince every country to get closer to Russia and therefore to have fewer and fewer opponents and for that matter weaken as much as possible the rest of their opponents, which is a Sun Tzu technique. So, as Sejna mentioned it, there is a will to Finlandize Europe, to cause riots a willingness to attack the American and European defense, arguing that it represents a barrier against peace, to not develop the army, to reduce the defense budget, because the army - according to the Russian's disinformation - is a bulwark against peace. So, they are pushing Europe to reduce its defense budgets, that is to say, to be defenseless. What Russia is doing as well, is to bring to her new allies by putting discredit on the colonizing countries. Russia is doing it especially in the third world countries, some African's countries. She is trying to show to the Arab countries that Europe and the USA are imperialists and colonizer countries, in order for Russia to bring support to these third world countries and to separate Europe from potential allies. All I have said above is part of the first phase of the long term plan. The second phase is to increase the military strength of the Warsaw Pact. So, even if they are no longer in the Warsaw Pact, both Russia and China increased their defense budgets. Putin has greatly increased the military budget of Russia while strangely all European countries reduced them. Even if, one knows that there is a threat that comes in front of us. Despite the fact that there are more and more military operations on the outside, we see that the European military budgets - and particularly the French one - diminish at a high speed. This is also wanted. Now, phase three, which is "The period of dynamic changes." Behind this friendly name hides a false friendship between Russia and the USA, which permits her to receive economic aids - Russia needing technological and financial supports from the West - and in this phase we also found a willingness to bring down NATO's power via economic tools and by creating economic depressions, which will bring Europe to her knees. Strangely and very interestingly, we discover that in this Russian plan was a willingness to create an economic depression in Europe and this is exactly what happened in 2008 and it didn't end yet. As I think that there will be a second economic crash phase, which is going t bring Europe down, as shown in this Russian plan. Still, in this phase three: willingness of create local and regional conflicts in Europe, if necessary. And always this will to create division between Europe and the USA. Phase four: Russia believes that the USA will be isolated and that they will be able to destroy them economicaly in order to bring about the pro-Communist's forces. As, it is easier to manipulated people when they are starving. In this phase four, he also talks about a weapon race, which would bend the USA and if necessary to destroy them by means of war. Here are two video clips. The first one shows Sergei Tetryakov, a former KGB and SVR (SVR being the new KGB) he recently defected to the USA in October 2000 and he wrote a book titled "Cobradgy" which he wrote to awaken the American people and to tell them that the Cold War was not over. The second defector is Stanislas Lunev, former GRU colonel, he is the highest rank who defected to the USA. In his book he explains that the KGB financed all the anti-war movements and that Cold War is not over. In my last video I mentioned that this Russian expansion willingness is absolutely not a secret. It is even popular via the Eurasian movement whose doctrinaire is Mr Douguine and he is close to Vladimir Putin. One also knows that Putin himself is a former KGB. So there is really no surprise, this is only the KGB's plan which is made public, via Douguine. So the masses follow Putin in his annexation of Europe and the United States. Actually, if we propose as a national idea the annexation of the European Union by the Eurasian Union - the expansion to Europe - then we could really reunite us around a truly great goal. Can you imagine? Annexation of Europe. This is Russian! We invade Europe and all their technologies are ours. This is the development and modernization to which you aspire. This is the europeanization of your society, truly fundamental, that of the invasion of Europe. To pursue with my analysis, I will quote Serge Monast's book - which I already mentioned in my video on the migrants - titled "The World Government of the Antichrist", published in 1994 (5 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union) Page 24: "According to reliable sources of information that we detain since 1991, we are able to recognize that Communism didn't die with the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. But it rather transformed with a new face, with an unprecedented military and technological expansion since 1917. Moreover, this transformation, this transmutation we should rather say, is only the macabre screen hiding the setting-up of the New World Order. And in that, it was expected that the known Communism until then, seemingly disappears to make ways to a fake democracy. This time of false democracy would allow, for its part, to the new leaders of the Red Empire to: Give way to a dominant control of eastern Europe; encourage - on the surface only - the birth of democratic movements in eastern Europe and inside the USSR itself; open the Iron Curtain and destroy the Wall of Berlin; allow the reunification of the West Germany with the Eastern Germany; thus weakening the economy of West Germany and allow to the extreme the emergence of internal social and political tensions; openly declare the end of Communism; the end of the Cold War and the alleged disappearance of the Communist parties, of the Soviet Union and East Europe; with the help of the KGB, purge the former guard and place in the background of the political scene Communists and former Communists collaborators; change the name of the Communist Party and declare that Communism is dead in Russia; give rise to new democratic organizations, but controlled secretly by the Communists and the KGB; held supposed democratic elections, but manipulated and controlled in reality by the "new" Communists; loudly announced the dismantling of the secret police, but by renewing the old structure, while giving it a new name and new assignments; use the period of euphoria and confusion created by the seduction of the fall of Communism to renew under the guise of disarmament and peace the Soviet military equipment and destroy the old one; as to allow a massive import of Western technology without having - like in the past - to use countless secret agents; establish confusion within the Catholic church by giving the impression that Fatima's promises are fulfilled and the day when the masks fall from illusion, use the creation of this impression to discredit the Marian apparitions and all the different sites of appearance, which will result first to weaken everywhere the credibility of the church and create confusion in its ranks; on another angle, have the West carry the heavy burden of eastern Europe (40 to 50 billion of dollars per year) which was so far being supported by the USSR; cause the withdrawal of US troops from Western Europe. Push Western Europe towards a certain neutrality and provoke the fall of NATO; ensure that the United States and the West are responsible to finance the Soviet Union's economy for the sixth time since 1921; bring out a single economic block: Western Europe with Eastern Europe by including the USSR; push the United States and the West to a massive disarmament in this new era of the end of the Cold War. Thus bring the USA to suspend aid supporting anti-Communist movements worldwide and push them to withdraw their military troops in South Korea and in the Philippines." With this excerpt, I think that all of you have recognized the elements of Anatoli Golitsyn's plan and also the elements brought by Jan Sejna. Actually, as many of you have noticed, lots of things are going on with Russia especially in Syria and in Tajikistan (where Russia will send troops). Russia has also practically invaded Ukraine and Crimea. We can see that we are at the point where all these predictions will come true. What is also happening with the migrants is interesting as well - I have made a video on that topic - the migrants are a way to destroy Europe which will allow Russia to crush us. i.e. Once the mess is switched on in Europe, it will be easy for Russia to move on. It will be peanut for her to destroy an already weakened Europe. If you are a bit curious you can look at... Because we often hear that it's Angela Merkel who opened the doors of Europe to the migrants, it's true that she initiated the whole thing saying that they could come, but now she is supposedly trying to fix the problem, which is not true. The interesting thing is that Angela Merkel is a "former" Stasi agent, as she never really gave up this Communist ideology. In fact, she belongs to the fifth column agents who are going to help Russia in its conquest of Europe. Putin revives Stalin's national anthem by having the original author rewrite the lyrics. Many Russians are strengthened by the return of the anthem of their childhood and see with pride the red flag become again the banner of their army. We notice a return of symbols, for example this anthem return and we can clearly see that Putin would like to impose to all a sens of belonging to a great country, a great nation, a nation respected all over the world, even feared. We are very important internationally. One often quote that the energy is the new strategic weapon of Russia, ignoring its super military power, yet, she still possesses 8,000 nuclear warheads over the USA. Russia is the second world exporter of weapons, providing no less than 61 countries. Playing on the energetic independence and the weapon trade, Putin combines the two most important of geostrategic influence of the planet. The legacy of the Cold War still made Americans and Russians the two major military powers, especially in nuclear matter. Russia has thousands of them pointed straight to America. Accordingly, the American's nuclear weapons are primarily directed toward Russia. Putin's will is to sell military technologies to China, Iran, Venezuela or other countries hostile to the USA. It may be that one day things will go further. Putin could try to restore the system of the Cold War, where the super powers compete via satellite countries. We are developing our nuclear complex... with a totally new ballistic weapon system... Two years ago we achieved unprecedented results in armament... And we are ahead all other countries for a very long time. Translation and subtitles by didi18

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Russia wants to invade Europe and the USA

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