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4 square healing breath

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-Iz Word: Hey there, it's Iz Word! Thank you for watching my very first video. I'm very excited to share with you this healing "pranayama," or "breath technique" to help you create more balance in your life. And more balance and awareness in what you give and what you receive. So, when we breathe in, that's an inhale. And its reflective of what we take in; what we give and nurture to ourselves. And when we exhale, it's what we release--let go of and share with others. So, when we practice "4 square healing pranayama," we are also practicing "kumbhaka," which is basically "breath retention." When we practice holding our breath, we strengthen the capacity of our lungs, we strengthen our diaphragm, and our ability to create space and observe that space as a 'witness,' rather than a 'judger.' [chuckles] So, keep in mind if you are working with this pranayama, do not hold the breath if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure. Instead, you would just breathe naturally in and out of the nose--long and deeply. Ok! So let's begin by finding a comfortable seat on the earth cross-legged at the ankles in "sukhasana"--"easy pose." Or, perhaps, if that is not available to you, you can do this at your desk at work, seated in a chair with the feet flat on the earth, and the spine long and tall. So, let's rub the palms of our hands together. Grounding ourselves into our bodies. Take a deep breath in through the nose. And then exhale, side of the mouth. [exhales dramatically] Let it be dramatic; let go of the day! One more time! [inhales] [exhales dramatically] Oh, you feel that tingling in the hands? That's energy. Now, place the palms down onto the knees to feel the space of your body. Close the eyes, and lift long and tall in the spine. Relax the shoulders down away from the ears. And tuck the chin slightly, so that the back of the neck is long. Feel your shoulders settle over your hips, so that you are centered and balanced in your being. And then begin to notice the quality of your breath as you show up today. Perhaps, you might be breathing shallow or rapid, or long and deep. It doesn't really matter. It's just becoming aware of how you arrive. So, the "4 square healing pranayama" technique will be breathing in through the nose to a count of four. Holding the top of the breath to a count of four. And exhaling to a count of four. And holding the bottom of the breath to a count of four. So, it will go like this: Inhale: one, two, three, four. Suspend: two, three, four. And exhale: two, three, four. And hold the bottom of the breath: two, three, four. Try it with me! Inhale: two, three, four. Suspend: two, three, four. Exhale: two, three, four. And hold: two, three, four. Inhale! Suspend! And exhale! And hold! I'll continue counting, you'll continue breathing. Inhale: two three, four. Suspend: two, three, four. Exhale: two, three, four. And hold: two, three, four.

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4 square healing breath by IZ WORD

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