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2620 YLH Your schedule of care

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During your pregnancy you will be offered regular appointments with your midwife, GP or obstetrician. They will check that you and your baby are well, and offer support and information about your pregnancy to help you make informed choices. How often these appointments take place will vary from woman to woman and whether it is your first or a subsequent pregnancy.   The frequency may need adjusting if your circumstances change during your pregnancy. You will have a first contact appointment with the midwife ideally between seven to ten weeks, where details will be collected about you and your health, and you'll receive information from the midwife. Your midwife will also discuss your care journey with you. Your appointments are an ideal time for you to ask questions and make sure you understand the progress of your pregnancy. You will be given advice on the steps you can take to help you and your baby to remain healthy and to find out about the next stage of your pregnancy so that you know what to expect.  Your midwife will also offer you a variety of screening tests, and you should make sure you understand what is involved before you decide to have any of them. At every appointment, it is really important that you bring your maternity notes and a sample of your urine for testing.  Your blood pressure will be checked and from the 16 week appointment, an abdominal examination will be offered and your baby's heartbeat will be checked. The growth of your baby is measured with a tape measure from 28 weeks and will be plotted on a chart to ensure your baby is growing well. After each appointment, it is important that you know when your next appointment is, where it will take place and who it is with, so please make sure you check before you go home.

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2620 YLH Your schedule of care

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