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Rosa de Guadalupe Cosplay

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Everyone is watching us like weirdos. I told you we shouldn't come to school dress like this. There's nothing wrong with our look. We are dress like this becuse you are Hiroshi-san, the star sign gladiator, and I am Namiku Moon, sent from the Genesis. Yes Perla, but... Namiku Moon! I am Namiko Moon, Hiroshi Yes, Namiku. But we could have change, after school, to go to the japanese anime congress. Cosplay: save the world! Perla and Toño are two fools dress like a japanese cartoon. They look ridiculous! Yeah, no way. Now they cross the line, Perla looks good, though. Please, it doesn't matter you liking that freak. Besides, she doesn't notice you because she's always with her little friend, the other freak. Yeah, I freaking hate him. Come on let's go... Ha! Cosplay: save the world! I will save the world from those misfit freaks. Don't mess with us, Michelle. We are on a mission. Your only mission is to vanis, that way you could save the world. Don't touch Namiku. We don't bother you, just because we like anime. Don't mess with women, cause I'm here to stop you. I won't allow bullying in our school. You said it principal. We are in a school not a circus. Well it does look like a circus because it's full of animals like you. Ladys, it is wrong to attack each other like that. If this happen again, I will suspend all of you. The four of you, do you understand me?? Well, is no fair that you want to restrain us. I'm Namiku Moon, sent form the Genesis, and I will not suppress myself. We have a mission and we will not fail our god. You are right, Namiku I don't know why everyone is so mad about it, we are free to dress however we want. Let's save the world! Let's save the world! The anime congress, I went with Hiroshi, it was amazing. Well I'm not sure that your mom will let you go the next time, hm! After she reads this report about what happen with your friends from school, I don't think she's going to give you permission. I'm the leader of the Genesis, is normal that I will have people jealous of my powers. I will always have enemys, willing to attack me. That exactly what I'm worried about! That they keep bothering you in school, if you... dress... dress like that! Grandma, there is nothing wrong with dressing the way I like. I am Namiku Moon! Oh my God. And I accept my mission! And I have to dress according to who I am. Well yeah, of course, of course. Arigatou What? It mens "Thank you", grandma. Thank you. Oh, thank you, now go to change your clothes. Perla... I hate my name. I am Namiku Moon, mom. Yeah, yeah, I know you love japanese cartoons and that stuff You have only one mission and that is to study not to get in trouble, Perla. Namiku, mom.

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Posted by: sara21 on Apr 8, 2015

Rosa de Guadalupe Cosplay

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