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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -20:30:00 - 29:59:59

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Trafic Quebec, this is Federal Kumano calling. Federal Kumano, this is Trafic Quebec. Over. Saint-François Bridge. -- Thank you. No traffic to report. That's our ship. Let's go. Patrick!-- I'm gonna check the oil. -- Yeah, but I already told him that we'd go... the change... the pilot change would be rather short. Okay. No problem. Do you have another one on board? A life jacket? Us? Yeah. -- Okay. Do you have yours? -- Yes I do. I have my own but we're going to lend them one to climb onboard. -- I have one.-- Yeah, that's it but one will board, he will bring the life jacket back down then, the other one will climb on board. When I hear about it like that, things go well! --Excellent. Is our stuff in there? Okay. Roger that. There is a ship going downstream... We're gonna go get one of the bags...There's a bag down there. There's going to be one more bag. Well, that's no big deal, just put it here if you want. Patrick. If you fall in the water, it will inflate automatically. Okay. Take the camera back, I am going to put on... take the camera back. You want me to take the camera?-- Yes, I am going to put on...humm... I'm going to take that one. --No, no. You're not taking any camera. You take this one. Okay. Good. It's on manual focus. I'm going to put my jacket on. You can film...that guy too... TVA, Radio Canada are all fighting for the rights you know... --Yeah, yeah. -- They have gone up to... They've gone up to 7 or 800 thousand. Trafic Quebec to Tourneroi. -- You're paycheque should be coming soon...-- Ha, ha, ha! You should film the ship, it's going to be nice. -- Yeah. We're just about there. I want to film your look. -- Yes. While approaching... If you want to see it, it's there. Are you first? Are you the first one to embark? Yes. -- Hum, you...-- Yes. You need to put your... in the bag. Patrick, be careful when going up. Hold both sides, okay?-- Yes. Leave me enough time to take the camera out once up there. But you have time to do it there. I need to go up with it. -- No, but it's going to be fine. Look, it's a stairway. It's easy. -- Oh, yeah. That's good. -- Okay, time to go. I thought it'd be a ladder... -- Yeah. Wait, wait, wait. Take your time. Close this properly. Thanks Edgar! -- See you! -- Thank you! -- Safe trip! Where is he? Patrick, are you ready? He's taking the camera out. That's right... the camera. It's slows everything down. Have a safe trip! -- Thank you.-- You're welcome, have a good trip. Okay. Hello! -- Hello! Welcome aboard. --Thank you! You're not the captain. -- No no, I'm a third mate. -- Okay! Captain is up on the bridge.-- This need to go back to the pilot boat. --Okay.-- And that one too. Ok, that belongs to the pilot boat. Thank you, mate. All ships are built about the same way. So even if we've never been on board a specific ship, we know how to get...-- Okay.-- to the bridge. If we're lucky, we only need to go up a few flights of stairs. But on some ships, there can be up to 10 or 11 flights. It's much higher. Hi Pierre!-- Hi Sir!-- How are you? --Very good, yes. Hi Harris.-- Hi!-- How are you? -- Good. The direction is good. -- Okay. -- Hum... Obviously, they are coming from the Seaway.-- Yes. -- Some people are getting a bit tired. -- Okay. -- The people that aren't tired are the new ones.-- Okay. Feeling better? -- Yeah, yeah, that's good. What time are you getting off? Forty?-- Forty.--Okay, great! Thanks a lot! Have a good rest! -- Have a good trip! So, you know everything about... the movie? You've been informed? -- Yes. -- Excellent. So, let's meet Karen, she's the producer. --Hello!-- Captain of Federal Kumano.-- Okay. Yes. Thank you very much to welcome us on board. Hi, I am Pierre. Nice to meet you. -- Okay. Hello. -- The chief engineer.-- So the captain is in charge of the overall ship. The chief engineer is in charge of the machinery. Everything that is related to machines whether they are inside or outside, winches, cranes, that's the chief engineer's responsibility. What's your heading now? -- Heading? -- Zero, five, zero, six.-- Ok, let's go zero, four, seven. -- Zero, four, seven, Sir. Let's go check outside that the pilot change is going smoothly. Make sure that our colleagues are getting off safely. So, there were two people: the first one, Mr. Harris Blais, is the pilot, and the second one, Labranche, is the pilot in training. That young guy just started at the beginning of April and he should become a pilot in two years. Slow ahead. -- Slow ahead.-- Zero, four, seven, seven. -- Alright. Thank you. Trafic Quebec, this is Federal Kumano. Federal Kumano. Trafic Quebec. Good Day. -- Yes, hello Sir. Pilot change has been completed. We'll be in Batiscan at 22.05pm, two two zero five. Roger that. So, there's a ship going upstream towards Cap de la Madeleine, and ...another upstream from Batiscan. The dredge is just arriving on operation site. Charlie 33.... Over. Okay, Roger Quebec. Thank you. And the ship going upstream towards Cap de la Madeleine, what time was it at Batiscan? It just arrived in Bécancour... Passed Batiscan... at 19.50pm. -- Okay, perfect. And for the ship due in Bécancour... What time is it due in Batiscan? 21.25pm. -- Okay. Roger that. Thank you. By asking such questions, we know how many... given the information, there is a dredge that is working in the navigation channel. And hum... We are not going to meet any ship. There are 2 ships going upstream. -- Yes, hello Sir. We are in position to start dredging operations in front of Charlie 33. Roger that. So is it still ... through this waterway? Still through these waterways? Affirmative. Still through these waterways. Roger. Thank you. -- When asking about the time they will be at the next point of call, we are able to define the place where we'll meet the other ships. Alright, we'll go half ahead, please.-- Half ahead. When changing pilot, we reduce speed. But as you saw, the ship doesn't stop to change pilot. The speed is reduced to about 6 knots...-- ...Sir.-- Alright, thank you! Every time we ask... we give an order on board the ship, the order is repeated once to confirm that they have heard what they were asked to do, and once it is completed, it is reconfirmed, it is repeated a second time to confirm that the action has been completed. And it's the same thing when I request a change of direction. I request a course change, the helmsman repeats it to confirm he has understood, and once the ship has reached its new course, he repeats it a second time to tell me that the ship has reached its new course. Patrick, Patrick, come here. Go full ahead -- Full ahead.-- For maneuvering, what's your speed Captain?-- For maneuvering, it's about twelve and a half.-- Twelve and a half? Okay. And what about sea speed? There are some snacks. -- Okay. Very good. Okay. Thank you very much.-- Whenever you're free. Okay, yeah.-- Our cook has something special for our guests.-- Ah, right, thank you very much! Zero, two, eight. -- Zero, two, eight, Sir. Like I said, the helmsman just repeated the course to indicate he had understood. Now if you look, the ship is moving towards the left. I've requested a 20-degree change of course towards the left. So then the ship started its change of course. Once it will be stabilized on its new course, the helmsman will repeat it a second time to confirm he has understood the order. Do you know if they had the chance to bring my bag up? Do you want ... on Starboard side? For Quebec? Yeah. Starboard side will be fine. Zero, two, eight.-- Zero, two, eight Sir. Make it zero, two, five. -- Zero, two, five Sir. So, you had a good trip on the Seaway? -- Yes.-- Where... Where have you loaded?-- Duluth. -- Duluth. And for?-- Algeria.-- Why does everybody laugh? Because I have been there before.-- Oh, yeah? Then you can tell us something more?-- No. At that time, I was on a gas tanker and...-- Zero, Two, Five, Sir.-- it was not really a nice port... Zero, two, five Sir. -- Ok, thank you very much. Yeah, because everyone tells us ''Oh...'' Oh, bad news for you, Cap'! We had one ship before... --And? Have you heard anything? -- I am not heard. -- Okay. Just few days ago, I was onboard Kushiro. She was going to Algeria? -- No. She was going to Puerto Rico.-- Lucky.-- Yeah. Yeah, exactly! What? -- Anchorage in Alaska ...-- Yeah? --???-- Yeah, because they start then they stop, then you go outside the tanker, then you come back and then you discharge a little bit more then, uh...Sometimes, you don't even know why, you know, they just stop working. They say, okay, we're going... Why...Because it is like that. Zero, three, five. -- Zero, three, five, Sir.-- First Mate. How do you change to pulse slant? I wanna go on short pulse. Thank you. Federal Kumano. ... Yes, this is Federal Kumano. -- Yes, good evening Pierre. Listen, I am going to wait downstream from the dredge. Ah, okay, excellent. Perfect. Great. See you in a bit.-- Bye!-- Zero, four, nine. -- Zero, four, nine Sir. The ship is equiped with electronic positioning systems based on a DGPS receiver. And we also bring our own equipment, then we receive both positions, and therefore, one confirms the other one. That way, we are always sure to know our position.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
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Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Pierre waits on the porch of the boat pilot's office before putting on a life vest and boarding a speedboat on the St. Lawrence River. He meets the crew on the Federal Kumano before taking control of the cargo ship.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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