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If I'm Joyful Why Can't I Exist Forever? Sadhguru

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see if I'm Joyful why can't I exist forever why death is compassion death is compassion when you do not know the process of life you fear death once if you have see you were in school experience of school was wonderful but don't you want to go to college death is just like that your experience of life has been wonderful but you want to go beyond and see what the hell it's about isn't it now the ignorant in the world have always been seeking immortality people who did not experience anything beyond thier physical body those fools have always been seeking immortality especially when societies become effluent somebody becomes a king or a emperor he's always thinking of immortality because he lives in the fear of death always one such fool on the planet was Alexander, the great he was an extremely miserable man do you know, his life, personal life he went into bouts of violence or bouts of indulging in physical plesures and drinking he used to get so drunk once a very exquisite palace that was there in Constantinople he and his his friends just set fire to it because they were drunk so he was just wallowing between these two, because there is so much misery, just to avoid that you have to do something intense activity is violence it gives you some break drinking gives you some break when you are miserable this is how people are doing their life working like crazy not because they are joyful not because their work their work is of any meaning to lie around them simply because they have to do something otherwise they'll go mad if they have free time on their hands they will go crazy they have to work crazy or they have to get drunk and somehow tranquillise them and sleep this Alexander is doing in an extreme way but he wants to live forever though the experience of life is so bitter he wants to live forever he was searching immortality and he heard Indian Yogis are capable of immortality so that's why he was moving towards India so somewhere in the Hindu kus the caught hold of a Yogi and he came to him and said I want the secret of immortality, I've heard Indian Yogis are capable of immortality they live forever and ever the Yogi looked at the man and he knows what an utter fool he is at the same time he knows he has a powerful sword you have to handle it properly, you know so he told him, he said see go this way, in this particular forest, at this particular place he described the geography of the place there is this little cave inside the cave there is a little pond you drink the water from this pond and you will be immortal Alexander pursued with the bravest of his men he just went searching and the he found the cave, that the Yogi had described then he chased away all his men he doesn't want them to drink it and become immortal he wants drink it himself so he walked into the cave and there was a pool as the Yogi had described he was just about to drink when was just about to put his hands into the water and drink there was a crow which was sitting at the edge of the pool and the crow said, wait just wait before you drink this water of immortality just listen to my story long time ago I don't remember how long ago I drank from this pool and here I am I cannot even commit suicide cause I'm immortal I just can't die I've seen everything that I have to see with life but I'm just sitting here, I don't know what to do I cannot die no matter what I do, I cannot die what a curse it is the most horrible thing that can happen to you is you cannot die isn't it so so let life follow its course when you are alive you assist aliveness because death does't need your support death is supper efficient when it happens it happens well isn't it did you ever see half death did not perform death properly, no death always happens absolutely totally it's super efficient it does not need anybody's assistance but life is not like that you can live half a life and go isn't it life needs your assistance in involvement so you don't try to do death you try to do life because life in needs constant assistance from you otherwise all of us are alive but all of us don't live life to the same extent isn't it because it needs constant assistance otherwise life wont happen but death doesn't your assistance but when it happens its a huge compassion because that's the biggest relief if you really have a hard day of working the biggest relief is just to fall on your bed and be dead for the night isn't it so sleep is death isn't it so yes, sleep is death it's just that you wake up in the morning this is also like that you do wakeup somewhere else but, lets not bother about those things definitely when you fall on the bed and fall asleep isn't that the biggest relief sleep means temporarily you don't exist your non-existance is it a beautiful state Yes, I'm telling you if you don't exist this world will be so beautiful if human beings did not exist this world is just fantastic isn't it, absolutely no problem so you must understand the blissfulness of being uncreated creation has its sweetness but, being uncreated is very very blissful if you're aware if you're unaware everything is a problem creation is a problem beyond creation is a problem anyway you're believer in God if you believe in God always death is described as 'Daiva Diin' what you call it here 'Uuper' whatever so you're supposed to go and fall in the lap of God that must be compassion isn't it don't be too eager anyway you'll get there right now life needs assistance, so we're talking inner engineering death doesn't it need your assistance it will happen don't you worry about that

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains that death is compassion and that when you do not know the process of life you fear death. (AO16)

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