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Tout PPD Admin Toutorial

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Hey, everyone. I'm going to show you how to use the Tout Premium Partner Dashboard. If you haven't already gone to, just scroll over your username when you're signed in and click on Premium Dashboard. It'll bring you to your organization page. If your account is an administrator to your organization, it'll have this key icon above your avatar. As an organization admin, you'll be able to have a number of privileges, such as inviting users that may already have Tout accounts to your organization, as well as inviting others that may not have Tout accounts via email to join your organization. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add users to an organization, manage their publication authorizations, their watermark, their Tout record length, and manage their Touts, including scheduling posts, the post they've already published, or where you want their content to be published, and rejecting content from your organizations. Currently looking at this organization, you can see there's only one user here. That happens to be the user that I'm signed in as right now, Tout Help. But I want to add other users to this organization. Once you click New and land on the Create New User page, you'll be able to add an existing Tout user or invite a new Tout user. An existing Tout user might be someone that already has a Tout account. You can find them by typing in their username or full name into the search bar. As you can see, I'm going to invite Gardner, the user name @Gardner. And I'm going to define this user type as either a member or an administrator. So if I add them as an administrator, they will also have the privileges that I have with that key icon. I'm going to add them as a member. This can be changed later as well. I can also determine if I want their content to be auto-published or pending review. If I select Auto Publish, any of the content that this user creates automatically go into their account as well as any of the widgets their username contributes to. If I select Pending Review, nothing will be published to their account nor the widgets unless an admin approves their content or the Tout is scheduled to be published, which we'll be showing you later. Finally, I can select how long the record time might be for this particular user. Once you determine the appropriate settings for this user, you can see the email that's associated with their existing account will automatically display. However, you can add a separate email address for this invite to be sent. You can also personalize the invite text. And we do recommend that users within your organization accept the invitation and follow the instructions by opening the email in their desktop browser. If you'd like to invite a member to your organization that does not yet have a Tout account, you can do so from the Organization page by clicking New, and then select a New Tout User. You'll fill in their information, including full name, email address, and most likely, you're going to want to use their work email address. And give them a username, which they change it later, but likely, they'll want it to be their Twitter handle. Determine whether you want them to be a member or an admin of your organization, whether you want their content to auto-publish or pending review by the administrator, or scheduled posts, potentially add a watermark, and determine how long the record time will be. Send their appropriate email address and perhaps add a personalized message. Click invite. Once back on the Premium Partner Organization page, you can see that a number of individuals have been invited to this organization. And the final one has accepted the invitation as indicated under the status, member. Note that on your organization page, you can see which of the users have in fact connected their social networks to their Tout account. Ideally, they should have both their Twitter and their Facebook icons connected to their username. As an administrator to an organization, I can set the Tout creation to either auto-publish or pending review. If I set a member to pending review, the contributor's Touts won't be public until I approve their content by going over to Touts. I can see there's one pending post on the right, which I can watch here, I can edit the title, approve it, schedule the post for a specific time and date to go live, similar to TweetDeck, immediately share the post to other networks, or decline the Tout and thus rejecting it. Because it's pending review, if I go to that user's page, I will not see the video appear in their account, nor will anyone else. Which means this video will not appear in any widgets either until I click Approve or schedule the post to go live. The Tout will then be published. The pending count will go back down to zero. And once I go to the user's page and refresh it, the video will be alive as well as in any widgets this username contributes to. If I go to the Published section, I will be able to see all the videos of the contributors within my organization, edit the titles, share the videos, download the videos to my desktop, or decline them, at which point, the Tout will be removed from the published state. And once I refresh their user page, will not be visible on Tout nor any of the widgets their username contributes to. If you're an admin to an organization and you'd like to associate a brand watermark with each of your contributors, just roll over the user, click Edit Watermarks, upload on from your desktop, click Upload, and it'll save to your gallery. Therefore, when you go back to your Organization page, you can assign the newly uploaded watermark to each of your individuals in your organization.

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Learn how to use your Organization's Tout Premium Partner Dashboard.

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