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死后访问: 活泼小女孩爱莉 生动介绍: 量子世界,粒子,宇宙,时间不再存在!

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Desteni Presents: Vlog from the Afterlife - Alli Hello! my name is Alli and..i am..Here to Share - Me! (um) Experience is in the..Dimensions (um)..while in the Interdimensional Existence - In, and As the Atom..and..(hmm).. where..shall..i Begin? there's So much i have..i Have Within Me to Communicate about..and Share because..well let me Start with how i'm Experiencing myself Right now! (smile) (ahr)..i'm Bubbly - Inside, (um)'s Not Excitement, it's Not Enjoyment - it's "Me" that is Bubbling..because..i'm..Here for the very First time.. going to, well not even going to - i'm Already Busy: Alli (laugh), Speaking about Me! (laugh) my Feet are Moving - a bit at the Moment (smile..ahr), Alright maybe i should just - (phew: breathe out)..Breathe we are not in a Human Physical Body - as human beings are: in this World what i mean by That is: we're in a human physical body - Yes (laugh) what i mean is that (um)..imagine Liquified, no, not water you Drink from a Tap! (um) Water - water that Almost In a..Like a Jelly Fish! there we go! Jelly Fish! Yes! Just like a Jelly Fish - Feels (um)..that's how..i Experience me in the Dimensions, Like.. Like that - like a Jelly Fish: Exactly! because i a..i was in a Jelly Fish, and..i (smile) went - Oh Wow! that is Exactly how i Experience myself! when..i the Interdimensional Existence: Just like a Jelly Fish so that Substance - that Essence of an Jelly Fish, Yes, that's how..i..would.. that's i Experience me: in the Manifestation of Me - in the Interdimensional Existence Exactly like that ..what Else? But!..not in a Manifested Form as a Jelly Fish.. just the Substance, there of: just like of..exactly, and Within That - Move, Everything Moves Very Very Fast. But, it is Interesting because..Even though it's Not that Everything - Moves Fast. Quantum Time is Interesting: Quantum Time is.. that Everything in a Moment - as Me, is Here. it is not Played Out in a.. what is Refer to as: a Space Time Continuum, Everything is Immediately - Quantum Here! Now it's Interesting..because with Me (um), and Everything being Quantum: within the Interdimensional Existence - i am Quantum and.. in that and as: the Quantum Nature of Me - i am Self-Presence..= as Me within and as this Stability: to..Effectively Direct Me in Any Given Moment, as Required, According to what the Moment - Presents. one moment.. i'hv got five minutes, Alright is Interesting because Even though..there is Quantum: Quantum time..i am Quantum and Everything..Exists and Move Quantum, we're Still in this - Physically Manifested Universe and Existence, as well and we're Able to Slow Ourselves Down as well, it's Not that i am "Defined" by: Existing within a Quantum Interdimensional Existence - (not) at All, No. (um) so we move Ourselves, we slow Ourselves Down.. and in that Slowing Down - but it's not Really a Slowing Down: Really it's Interesting because i'm able to Access: Quantum Manifestations, Quantum Integrations, Quantum Time.. Quantum Seeing, Quantum Experience..etc is an Expression of Me: it's Not - Who I Am! i am not Defined by, in other words.. Within the Quantum Existence - within the Quantum Dimensinal Existence i Remain Stable, even Though..i experience me in Quantum Interdimensional Existence it's Fascinating! it's Interesting! yeah? so, for instance, like when i was a Jelly Fish.. i became..the Jelly Fish, but it's not Really a Became because.. the Jelly Fish is: One and Equal, In and As Me..but, in Terms of: the Manifested Form of the Jelly Fish - in this Physical Manifested Universe.. i Experience the Manifestation thereof's in that, that..i Realized that, you know, Even though i move Quantum, and.. have Access to Quantum Time, i Remain Stable and Constant within Me - In OTHER Words! this is the Point! i'm not Defined by Time! (hey) Not by Time.. because Whether you are Here: in this World - Space Time minute that i'm: Here in this World - Space Time Continuum or in the Interdimensional Existence Where there is Quantum Time - it Doesn't Make a Difference because: I Am Here - and I Am Stable. it Doesn't have an Effect on ME: as Who I Am! (smile) Alright! that was Alli..this is Alli..and..i had a Realization Right Here, Right Now that i didn't Consider - it's Always Been so but i haven't Considered it (laugh) Alright, Thank you very much - Good Bye

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Posted by: destenichineses on Aug 6, 2009


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