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Table 1 of the written standard summarizes the test conditions. Strict adherence to cleanliness requirements and to the specified cleaning procedures is required. During handling and installation procedures, protect cleaned test parts, disks, balls, reservoir, screws, heater block, and push rod from contamination by using clean forceps and wearing appropriate gloves. Using forceps, place the test disk into the test reservoir, shiny side up. Secure the test disk to the test reservoir and the test reservoir to the test apparatus. Ensure the unit's temperature probe is properly placed in the reservoir. Ensure the relative humidity in the test laboratory is between 30% and 85%. Warning-- relative humidity is an important parameter. Performing the test outside of the relative humidity limits will affect the lubricity result. Using forceps, place the test ball into the upper specimen holder, and attach the holder to the end of the vibrator arm. Ensure the holder is horizontal before fully securing the unit. Using a pipette, place 2-- plus or minus 0.2-- milliliters of the test fuel into the test reservoir. Set the test parameters according to table 1 of the written standard. Lower the vibrator arm, and suspend a 200-gram weight from the arm. Start the test. At the completion of the test, lift up the vibrator arm. Remove the upper specimen holder. Rinse the test ball, still in the holder, in cleaning solvents, and wipe and dry thoroughly with a tissue. Remove the test reservoir, and properly dispose of the fuel. Place the test ball holder under the microscope, and measure the wear scar diameter in accordance with section 12 of the written procedure.

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