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Hitchens: The True Core Of The Jesus Myth

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He's saying that in my book I say that there's no reason at all to believe that the circle of Jesus of Nazareth ever existed, but here's what I say about Socrates: The original collision between our reasoning faculties and any form of organized faith, this is in my book, there must have occurred before in the minds of many this probably exemplified in the trials of Socrates in 399 BC. It does not matter at all to me that we have no absolute certainty that Socrates even existed. The records of his life and his words are second hand almost but not quite as much as other books of the Jewish and Christian Bible and the Hadees of Islam. Philosophy however has no need of such demonstrations, because it does not deal in revealed wisdom. Now, as it happens, we do have some very good descriptions of the life of Socrates that make his existence to me plausible, but it doesn't matter to me at all whether he was real or not. What matters is that someone advanced his method of reasoning, his testing of evidence against experience, his commitment to a certain kind of dialectictical honesty. And hadn't been him it would've been someone else; that's what's precious to me. And that he never said: You've got to believe in everything I say or go to hell or heaven. And here's why you've got to agree with me: Because my mother never went to bed with anybody. And that proves the truth of what I say. And by the way, I must have looked very dead when took me down the cross but I didn't die, and that proves my point. I'm willing to grant it all. I'm willing to grant the immaculate conception first, than the virgin birth, than the resurrection, and the annunciation and the assumption. I'm willing to grant all of it : it doesn't prove the truth of the proposition that you should take no thought for tomorrow -- the central doctrine of Jesus of Nazareth: Take no thought for tomorrow. No investment, no thrift, no care for your children, that you should abandon your family. no worry about construction, about investment, about anything. Just follow me. Ridiculous. An immoral proposition that C.S.Lewis so cleverly, and I must say for him very honestly puts it: Means that the man must either been a maniac, a sick man, an evil man or or he must have believed that the world was coming immediately to an end, and he was commanded to announce this fact to the deluded bronze-age inhabitants of Palestine. Because if he didn't believe that, he didn't believe he was divinely mandated then his words would not have been inaccurate or false they would've been wicked. That's what you have to be talking about. Now, there is on the historicity point, there're only two reasons to suppose that there may have been the figure of some kind of deluded rabbi present at that time. The first is the fakery of the story. The fakery itself proves something. The prophecy says this man must be born in the house of David, of David's line, in David's town. Means he must be born in Bethlehem. Jesus of Nazareth is well known to have been born in Nazareth. In order to get him to Bethlehem a huge fabrication has to be undertaken. A census is proposed by Cesar Augustus. No such census ever took place. The people of the region were not required to go back to their hometown to be registered. That's never happened. Quirinius was not governor of Syria in that year as the gospels say. None of the story of the Nativity is true in any detail, and not one of the gospels agrees with each other on this fabrication. But the fabrication itself suggests something: If they were simply going to make up the whole thing and had never been such person then why not just have him born in Bethlehem right there and leave out the Nazarene business. So the very falsity of it, the very fanatical attempt to make it come right suggests that yes, there may have been a charismatic deluded individual wondering around at that time. But which is most impressive to you? The fantastic fabrications, the unbelievably inane and inarticulate preachments or the inconsistencies in the story? You can mention another thing about the resurrection. Most of the witnesses to this are women, illiterate, stupid, deluded, hysterical females, of a kind that to a Jewish Court at that time would have had about as much chance of being listened to as they would in Islamic court today. What religion that wants its fabrication to be believed it's gonna say: You've got to believe it 'cause we have some illiterate hysterical girls who said they saw this. No, it's impressive to me that the evidence is so thin and is so hysterical and is so feable and is so obviously, strenuously cobbled together, because it suggests that something was going on, there was some character. And I don't want therefore to profane those who think they know there must have been something. This is not a whole cloth fabrication, but it is a very human and very intelligible and very pitiable practice of fraud, that may have worked on stupefied peasants in the greater Jerusalem area but should really have no power to influence anyone in this room whereas the noble methods and words and systems by which Socrates reasoned will continue to illuminate our path for as long as we care about the only real gift we have which is our independent intelligence. Now, I think that will do for now, but if you want to ask me, yes, I've run out of time, but if you would care to look at the chapter I've written about the discovery, the concession now, by every Israeli archeologist, by the whole school now of Israeli archeology that the entire story of the Exodus, the captivity, the wandering, the conquest of Canaan is also a complete fabrication. You'll see a perfect collision between the two things that do allow us to make progress as scholars and intellectuals: the WEIGHING of EVIDENCE against INTEREST !! And that the great school of Jewish archeology, given every motive to find the contrary and every chance in the Sinai and in the region to dig up and find what David Ben-Gurion, the founder of the state, said : pull the title deeds of Zionism. to come back empty handed and say we admit it: the story has no basis of any kind whatever. I submit to you something far more noble, far more worthwhile far more honest, far more courageous, far more moral and far more Socratic than any of the nonsense that D'nesh just tried to pass off on you. Thanks. (Applause)

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Posted by: rianaa on Apr 3, 2011

Stupendously gullible, misinformed, easily manipulated, fleeced like sheep, people believing such primitive ways of dealing with the unknown !
Mankind would rather buy cheep biblical and priestly lies than read science in quest for the truth.
Are the reasonable of a different species, I wonder.

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