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Flat Stanley Does Haiti Relief

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Flat Stanley Does Haiti Relief Work Flat Stanley gathered supplies for those in need. Supplies were loaded into suitcases. He flew on a plane to Haiti. He went through immigration. Supplies were carried and loaded on a truck. Flat Stanley helped drive the truck. He met some new friends. He saw the damage from the earthquake. Buildings fell down. Some cars were crushed. Apartments were flattened. Dentist offices collapsed. There was a lot of damage. Even the President's home was damaged. It fell down. It all made Flat Stanley very sad. Because so many places were damaged, many people have to live in tents. There were 1000's of tents. He heard there was damage in the country so he wanted to see what was there. He saw small gardens. He saw bananas growing on trees. There were a few horses. Some people had donkeys. Some people carried things on their heads. They could carry a lot! The stores were very different. They had outdoor markets. People sold their goods outside. Some on tables and some on the ground. The stores were not like our stores. They were only small little stands. They bought all their supplies at the market. Flat Stanley visited an orphanage. The children didn't have any parents. He played with the children. He helped them with their chores in the kitchen. They ground coconuts. They crushed leeks. They added different spices to their foods. It was good! Flat Stanley heard about a factory that was making walls for new homes. He helped drive the forklift. He saw where the walls were put together. Men worked hard. People in the mountains also had their homes destroyed. They were living in tents too. Some of them lived in the shacks. Flat Stanley saw the rubble of homes This woman needed a new home. He had some friends help him. Trucks brought some supplies. They carried the new walls. They stood them up. He helped stand them up. Flat Stanley helped hold the walls. He had to climb up ladders. He helped screw them together. Friends helped hold the walls up. The pieces went together. The walls formed a house. A roof had to be put on. It helped keep the rain out. The house needed painting. Flat Stanley shoved sand into buckets. He dumped, gravel, and cement into the mixer. The mixer was loud! The cement was poured by wheel barrows. It had to be smoothed out. Friends helped Flat Stanley. The house was finished! It looked nice inside. The little girl was excited about her new house! The boy was glad he had a new place to live. The family celebrated. They were proud of their new home. Flat Stanley noticed people had to dry their clothes on rocks. In the village, people had their kitchens outside. He helped cook. They cooked black beans. The bathrooms were very different too. So were their toys. Some people lived in houses made of mud and sticks. The earthquake damaged homes there too. The dining room had a crack in it. This wall needed to be repaired. People from Ireland also sent tents to help. Flat Stanley helped put up the tent. He had to help drive in tent stakes to hold them up. They had to snap them together. This tent had a broken pole. He used a tool to fix it. The tent worked better. It was time for Flat Stanley to leave. He had to have a passport. He had to get his ticket and get on a plane. He will remember how beautiful Haiti is and how good it was to help others.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Producer: Carol Claypool
Director: Carol Claypool
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Posted by: jonelle on Apr 21, 2010

Flat Stanley goes to Haiti to work and help people.

First grade teacher, Carol Claypool, and her family and friends took Flat Stanley to Haiti during spring break. We encourage translations so more children can read along with Flat Stanley's most helpful adventure of a lifetime.

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