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What is Recommendations

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[♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE TRAINING SERVICES For Omniture technology] Hi, everybody. This is Doug. Today our topic is What is Omniture Recommendations. When you go to a store to purchase something, it's very common these days, of course, to need some accessories or other things that might be related to that product. And that's no different online, where we might want to get the additional items that can help us use our product the best or that might be related to that product. And so you can see here our sales guy is saying, "People who bought this "also bought this," etc, etc. In our second little thought bubble screen here, the guy says, "I sure am glad I don't have to shop at a different site now." Well, they are going to go to different sites if they don't find what they need on your site. So we want to make sure that they do find everything they need. And not only accessories and things that belong with that product but maybe just things that are interesting to the same people. This is actually also a little narrow-minded in that it's not just for e-commerce sites but rather for content as well where we can recommend content. Omniture Recommendations enables businesses to easily promote products and content online. Through flexible data and behavioral-driven algorithms, businesses can increase conversions by ensuring relevant choices are automatically presented to the right customers at the right time, on-site or through email campaigns. Like our other products, Recommendations is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite and sits right over here in the Optimize section with Test & Target and some of our other products, so we can really optimize that experience that the person has on our site. Some of the challenges and needs on our site are very related to the things I just mentioned, and that is we want to give our customers a relevant and engaging experience that allows them to get the right products or right content at the right time. We also want to have control over where our products or content shows up or where they're promoted and different things like that. So the Recommendations product gives us a lot of control over this and helps us to promote these products or this content. You get into Recommendations through the Omniture login, so you can go to and log in with your credentials to the Omniture Suite and then select Recommendations from the product list or from the product pinwheel. When you go in you're going to be able to create new recommendations, and those might be Most Popular or People who viewed this bought that or Most Viewed or Most Purchased or People who bought this bought that. There's a lot of different things, and we'll talk about that here momentarily. But it's just an easy little interface where the marketer can go in and create these without having to go in and constantly change the code on the site. There's three pieces, really, of a Recommendations offering, and that is first of all the Algorithm or the "what" is going to show; secondly, the Presentation or "how" it's going to show; and third, the Placement or the "where" it's going to show on our site and on our page. And so these things are all configurable through Recommendations. Some of the most common recommendations that you can create are Top Sellers, so what's selling the best on your site, or Most Viewed, and you can see over here we have Top Viewed Events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Or also, another very cool one is Popularity By Metric so that you can also choose your SiteCatalyst metric, and this is part of the integration of Recommendations into SiteCatalyst where you can choose a metric on your site. So maybe it's not just the ones that are selling the best and have the most orders, but maybe you would like to display them based on total revenue so you have the larger ticket items showing up. Or maybe you'd like to display it based on how many times it was added to a cart or any other kind of metric, those, of course, being e-commerce type metrics. But you can choose the metric that controls that, so another very cool recommendation type. Some other types of recommendations could be based on Affinity, so People who bought this bought that or People who viewed this bought that, or People who viewed this viewed that, etc. And also it does integrate with SiteSearch, another Omniture product, so People who searched for this on my site bought that. And so Recommendations is very well named. You are recommending content or products to your customer, but you're recommending the right products at the right time to the right people. [♪♪] [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe Recommendations product is, and how it can help you.

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