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Inmune system

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Hi Dear, I heard you are sick. How are you now? I've got you some flowers Oh my God! Bless you. It's like your inmune system is working really hard! Do you know about the inmune system? They are the most amazing army ever and they keep fighting the thoughest battle all the time It's so exciting! . I'll tell you all about this excinting defense which our body has against bacteria and viruses Let me first show you the world around you with a microscope You see... Our world is filled with lots of germs We are usually healthy thanks to our inmune system The inmune system is an army of organs, tissuses and cells that work together to keep you safe from these germs These germs, viruses, bacetria fungi and parasites try to enter your body all the time The inmune system uses many tricks and weapons to keep them away and kill them Your body has three levels of defense The first are your skin and mucous membrane second is swelling or fever and the third is the internal inmune system At the first level, your skin and mucous membranes of your nose are the first barrier for these germs It's not easy to get inside of your body covered with the waterproof, germproof, sellfilling skin oooh! the case your skin is.... or then the second level of defense comes for help the red swalling and your fever are always of the inmune system to limit your dammage Sometimes you get a fever, your body temperature goes up and viruses are killed due to bhot temperature, so your fever can protect you from viruses So, what are the first and second levels of defense of your inmune system army? Very good!. That is not all abour defence. Even if the first and second level of defense fails and the germ is able to get inside you body, then the third level of defense for your inmune systems starts working. When a virus invades your body, it tries to take your healthy cells and makes more copies of itself this makes you to fill sick- We must stop it. Your third level inmune system follows a three point attack plan: It identifies the invaders, kills them and then, remembers them for future battles. So, here is what happens in the body The first step is to identify them Special cells called macrophages do this work they surround the enemy and raise a flag to call the deadly attaking ...... this flag indicates an antigen, this means there is an enemy cell which needs to be destryed Your weapon will be of no use to kill the germs the inmune system has a batallion of T-cells, B-cells and Killer K-cells which work together to ..... Do you want to know more about this? Then, there are M-cells who remember the enemy viruses so if they come nxst time, they are killed inmediatly. Do you want to know more about this? T-cells are helper cells, they recognize the antigen flag on the macrophage, they call at their friends the B-cells the B-cells produce Y-shaped antibodies These antibodies attack to the antigen and target them for destruction Kind of like a game of target cacht that you play with your friends Now, it's easy for the killer K-cells to destroy all the germs because they have been targeted by the T and B-cells Then, comes the K-cells. they will destroy all the germs. There is a lot of stuff to understand You remember who are the fighters of our inmune system army? Yes, yes ... You still work left for the inmune system Special memory cells called M-cells carry the memory of an attack even after the victory this makes our inmune system better prepared for the next attack Your inmune system works hard to keep you healthy Do you like to know how we can help it? Wash your hands frecuently, most germs enter your body through your hands get your vaccine injections on time the vaccines help to strengthen your inmune systems againts many dangerous deseases eat healthy, sleep nicely and exercise regularly so your inmune system has less to do

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Inmune system for teeneger students

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