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Who is Arne5

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In January we asked you to vote for your favorite Manifesto story. The winner is Arne Hutflesz for his excellent customer service! Arne? No, I don't know him. No, I'm sorry I don't know him. I have no idea! No, who is it? You may not know Arne, but there are many Otometrics customers in Denmark who do. Arne travels around the country every day... ...helping our customers. But who is Arne? We set off to find out. First stop: Hillerød Hospital. Meet Christian. Arne helpied him set up their new AURICAL. Arne’s way of working, Arne’s way of being – that’s what service is in my world. Another word to describe Arne could be flexible. He manages to adapt to the way we are here and deliver the product we need. In my world, he is irreplaceable when patients are waiting and we need things to run. So, when things aren’t going right, he is exceptional. Next stop: Køge Hospital He is really skilled. He has that service gene – it’s part of him. And he takes pride in doing his work properly. He is just so trustworthy, and when you make an appointment with Arne, you can be 100 percent sure that he will show up. Service means being there, responding to whatever issue there is – doing it quickly and effectively – and Arne does this in a great way. He makes you feel like an equal partner when working together. If I had my own company and needed a service man, I would headhunt Arne here and now. But what is Arne really like? And he’s always happy. He is so completely trustworthy. What’s he really like? Well, he’s completely crazy! Congratulation Arne! Nominate your story, colleague or event that best illustrates one of our seven manifesto statements. Send your nomination and reasons to: [email protected] and stay tuned! Your story may be selected as the subject for our next video. Special thanks to Hans Jørgen Fynbo and the audiology staff at Hillerød Hospital and Køge Hopital.

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Who is Arne5

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