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Vincent Reynouard - Message to Jean-Marie Le Pen

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS Robert Faurisson, Vincent Reynouard : Call to Jean-Marie Le Pen Yesterday, Professor Faurisson published the following message: In his August 21 video, Vincent Reynouard criticizes Jean-Marie Le Pen to have been to cautious between 1987 to 2015, during his several declarations about the ''Nazi gas chambers'' subject. The reproach seems justified to me and the demonstration convincing. Le Pen, whose material resources were important, could boldly cross the Rubicon, instead of multiplying evasions. Since, in September 1987, he said he had for his part, never seen a gas chamber and not having studied the subject, he should have, thereafter, gone look, for example, near Strasbourg, the Struthof ''gas chamber'' or in Poland, the one in Auschwitz-1. Then, inquiring on the status of this matter research, he would have learned that there was a controversy in one and the other case. Facing an orthodox version, according to which, these two rooms were authentic homicides slaughtered houses that would have functioned as such, there were accredited researchers to express doubts or even in a completely opposite direction to the official version and the general belief. In the Struthof case, on December 1, 1945, professor René Fabre, Dean of the University of Pharmacy in Paris instructed of the forensic examination of the crime scene and the murder weapon, as well as the analyses of the corpses of suppose gased, concluded negatively. Jean-Claude Pressac had honestly admitted it in his book published in New York, in English by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation. Without naming, however, professor Fabre, he wrote three times that the results that it had achieved were negatives. In the case of Auschwitz-1, the ''gas chambers'' that were visited and that millions of good people are visiting, is held to be a hoax by perfectly orthodox authors, like historian, Éric Conan, which wrote : ''Everything there is false. At the end of the 70s, Robert Faurisson utilized these falsifications all the better, as museum officials balked to recognize them. While continuing his investigation or charging one of his collaborator for this job, he would have been from one surprise to another. He would have understood that Vincent Reynouard and his like, not simply content with just being brave, agreed to sacrifice everything in search of the ACCURACY regarding the history of the Second World War. He would have in turn crossed the Rubicon. He would have reached posterity to have endorsed and stimulated a necessary debate and given his name to a cause that sooner or later will prevail against the unjust power of the law, a cause which, far from being inspired by any hatred, is in the honor of man. Instead of which, it is feared that the name of Jean-Marie Le Pen remains in history as that of a short-sighted politician, which existence ended with an incredible ''mess operation''. Following the misadventure of professor René Fabre, it was no longer found in France or abroad no court to order a forensic investigation on any ''gas chamber'' or ''ruins of gas chamber''. The courts have then, in fact, observed two principals established from 1945 with the articles 19 and 21 of the Statute of the Nuremberg International Military Court. Article 19 pronounced in the beginning: ''The court will not be bound by technical rules regarding the evidence administration.'' In regard of Article 21, it also decreed, in its first sentence: ''The court shall not require provided proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take them for granted.'' As to the most scholarly works about the Struthof, none of them mention the conclusions achieved by professor Fabre: the report of the professor himself disappeared from the police station archives and military justice (stored in Meaux), but its findings are known to us, thanks to the content of a signed piece by three doctors: Simonin, Piedelievre and Fourcade (carton 1, piece 96B). Personally, I recommend to the French people to go visit the Struthof building, and more especially the crematorium building. There, I recommend them not to follow the direction of the visit, indicated by the arrow to the left, but to go behind the furnace. They will see a pipping system which arrives from and goes to a big water tank. And looking through a small window, they will see a room with showers. A gas chamber? No. It was a real shower room for the detainees. In his testimony a former deportee confirms it: ''We are entering in the last barrack, the one at the bottom, topped by a huge chimney. It is the crematorium, the showers, the disinfection.'' In this other testimony about the camp the author specifies that the shower water was heated by the crematorium oven. At a time when everything was quota, Germans were recovering the heat from the furnace, in order to heat the water for washing deportees. The Struthof reality explains why in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Germans installed or sometimes planned to install additional showers and disinfection rooms, especially in the crematorium 4 and 5. There is nothing there surprising. Seeing there ''gas chambers'' is mistake. This naked women - picture taken by polish resistance in 1944 - near Krema 5, were not going to the ''gas chamber'' but to the shower. But, back to the Struthof. According to the official Vulgate, a ''gas chamber'' was set up in an outside local of the camp. It would have been used to gas about 80 Jewish women to obtain a skeleton collection. Interviewed on April 26, 1945, the former Struthof commander, Kramer, claimed he gas his victims using Hydrocyanic salts that professor Hirt gave him. To these salts he added water to obtain a Hydrocyanic release. Hydrocyanic being the substance which was also used in the alleged ''gas chambers'' in Auschwitz, the Struthof commander confessions would confirm the reality of the homicidal gasages. But, beside the fact that Germans would have used Zyklon B, - which is unrelated to Hydrocyanic salts powder - Kramer's confessions are incredible for a simple reason: Here is the system that would have been used to gas. Kramer would have first poured the Hydrocianic salts powder in the funnel so that it falls in the small ball on the floor. Then he would have poured a certain quantity of water to obtain the liberation of the gas. In the book ''Gas Chambers, State Secret'' we can find a text in which George Wellers points out that: in a chemistry current manual, one can be convince that the chemical reaction made by Kramer was possible. Water on Hydrocyanic salt gives Hydrocyanic. The trouble is that, if the chemical reaction is technically possible, the formed Hydrocyanic is highly soluble in water. This means that far from being freed in the atmosphere to asphyxiate people, it will instead remain in the water and intoxicate no one. On the screen, a fact sheet on the cyanide compounds. We are told that Hydrocyanic of HCN formula is highly soluble in water. This other sheet confirms: 2 pounds of gas can be dissolved in 1 liter of water. Off course, a small quantity of gas will escape from the water to enter the atmosphere, but how much water should be poured to reach lethal doses? Pierre Marais did the calculation. They would have had to pour 330 tons of water, ie 330,000 liters Finally, the chemical engineer Germar Rudolf, declares that with such a method so much water should have been added that victims would be drowned before being asphyxiated by the gas. Yes. From 1987 to the Fabius-Gayssot Act in 1990, Jean-Marie Le Pen would have had the possibility by a serious study of the file, then by a courageous stand, to induce this public debate that professor Faurisson demanded. Now that he doesn't have anything to lose, will Mr. Le Pen cross the Rubicon? Or, will he lose his time trying to reinstate a party that is no longer his? And where an overwhelming majority of activists don't want him any longer. Nicolas Bay asked him to resign and to not engage in a legal guerrilla. Now that Jean-Marie Le Pen is expelled, I address him the same call. Mr. Le Pen, don't waist your energy and your time in a vain legal fight. Now that your are a free man, totally free, go the bottom of it, cross the Rubicon. Mr. Le Pen, say out loud what your thoughts always whisper. It is never too late to do well. Good evening. You like our videos? Then help us continue. Give for the cause:

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Vincent Reynouard - Message à Jean-Marie Le Pen

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