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ASTM SpecBuilder - v6

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Document development and management can be a challenge for any organization. Missed deadlines, forgotten comments, lost email chains, and non-contributors can all lead to unwanted holdups in the creation of technical documents, like specifications, test methods, and procedures. But not anymore. Now there's ASTM SpecBuilder. Built on ASTM's 100-plus years of experience and deep understanding of standards development challenges, SpecBuilder reflects the most advanced practices, and expands and improves your team's collaborative capabilities, from concepting all the way through to publishing, on a single, easy-to-use platform. Simply upload your document and start collaborating. Form task groups and subgroups. Start discussions. Track changes. And even see draft updates in real time with 24/7 remote, secure group access. Use multiple administrators to manage workflows. Get higher return levels with a centralized, electronic balloting system. Tailor the voting process to match your organization's needs, and ensure everyone is heard equally. Automatically track ballot progress and voting trends, and record responses. Send customized alerts to group members for feedback requests and deadline reminders. Access, insert, and cite ASTM standards by adding hyperlinks directly to your document. And when it finally comes time to publish, it just takes a few simple clicks to easily share with employees, vendors, contractors, and stakeholders. ASTM SpecBuilder is the simple way to streamline your entire document management and development process from start to finish, saving you time, money, and headaches. Visit to learn more about how ASTM SpecBuilder can work for you.

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ASTM SpecBuilder - v6

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