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iam looking.what do i have to see? don,t you see it? i see it now you seems to be experienced in this trick yes,how did you understand that? yes,i am experienced actually good guess! i used to leave my light on so that she won,t get scared in order for her to see the light under my door and sleep peacefully i wouldn,t turn it off melek used to be scared of dark when she saw light she could sleep well thank you.good night! i am sorry, dad i wouldn,t have got away from mom if i hadn,t told her that you were sending me to istanbul it,s not aproblem,asi if you went,you should have areason i talked to ziyad, he said something. but i want to hear it from you what,s the real thing behind this istanbul trip? asya couldn,t accept demir,s leaving all off asudden i had to find him and talk this time i had to ask him why he went away did that work? didn,t you talk about anything else with demir? he doesn,t want to make plans for future now i understand that is future for us i went to him .dad why did he do that to us? what did he want from my daughter? i wanted to learn this i will make asya forget demir i don,t want her to remember even his name good that we didn,t tell her that he is her father you will help me. if we get togther. she will forget him sooner dad, help us go back to our old life your old life? what was it? you didn,t even live after demir was gone, asi you were just acting like it i couldn,t bear to see you like that for five years how could you? what you call your old life was just days finifhing you up and never ending are we going back to this , asi do you know why demir is running away from you and his daughter because he is thinking about you two in order for you two not get upset he loves you so much that for your sake he is giving up on you he is facing up to suffering more and living what,s happening to him alone dad, what do all these mean? i hope your heart can take what you will hear, my dear i wish you didn,t hear it from me, but i have no other choice moreever it,s your right to know all these tgan anyone else what do i have know? that he is very sick he is dying, asi demir is very sick

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Posted by: olaali on Apr 7, 2013

asi and dimer

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