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The Bully Project (2012)

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(male voice) The last couple days, we had heard that Tyler had his head shoved into a wall locker.

They said he's a geek.

(another male) My concern, is that you are making someone feel so uncomfortable, that they didn't want to be in school. [cheering] (boy's voice) I feel kinda nervous on school days. I like learning, but I have trouble with making friends. (male voice) They said he's a geek, and some kids told him that he's worthless, to go hang himself. And I think he got to this point to where, enough was enough. (female tv reporter) Tonight a tragic situation... (reporter 2) A Perkins boy, just 11 years old, believed to have been desperate enough to take his own life. (man 1) This is an awfully complicated and difficult issue. (man 2) Kids will be kids, boys will be boys. They're just cruel at this age. (woman) Here, what we get, is "nothing's wrong"? We didn't do anything? Everything's fine. (boy) They punch me, strangle me. Take things from me. Sit on me. (another boy) Give it to him hard! (mother) He's not safe on that bus. (woman) I've been on that bus. They are just as good as gold. (male voice) My voice is not going to fall silent. I will go to my grave, until a difference is made. (another male voice) I reached out to parent's who've lost kids, parents of kids being bullied all over the world, and it took off like wildfire. (kid) All it takes is for one person to stand up. (male voice) Be the difference. Go out and find that one child, that new kid, standing over there by himself. Be willing to stand up for him. Everything starts with one, and builds up. Eventually, we have an army. If we all do it together, we will change the world. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 9, 2012


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