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IES Pedro Espinosa Promotional Video

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Welcome to Pedro Espinosa High School in Antequera, Málaga! Antequera is a small city in the province of Málaga in the south of Spain. It has got around 45.000 inhabitants. Antequera’s economy is based on agriculture and industry. Pedro Espinosa High School opened in 1928 and is the oldest and biggest school in Antequera. Our school has got more than 1400 students and around 80 teachers. Pedro Espinosa has got some immigrants students from different parts of the world like Northern Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. We start school when we are about eleven years old and we have to stay until we are sixteen. At Pedro Espinosa we also have Vocational Training studies like Computing, Cooking and Health and Medical Care Services. And adults can also come for evening lessons. Computer and new technologies are very important nowadays. In our school some classrooms have got smart boards for interactive learning and some others have got computers and proyectors. The school also has got trolleys with laptops that can be used in more classrooms. We love it! And most teachers also write blogs, wikis and websites. This is the Conference Room. Here there are meetings for teachers or parents. We also use it to welcome our students for festivals or talks. In short, for important events. Unfortunately, Pedro Espinosa doesn’t have a gym, so we practise sports in the court. We study English. Aussi on étudie et on parle français. The library is a very important facility for our school. It has received a National Prize for the amount of books it contains and their importance. It has got 16,500 documents if we include CDs, DVDs, maps, etc. It is also... It is also possible to read magazines, comics, newspapers, etc These computers have internet access just in case we have to do some projects for the school. We come here to borrow books, to have class or do homework. There is no cafeteria at school, so we bring our sandwiches from home. Some teachers go to a cafeteria that is next to the school and some others have a second breakfast at the staff room. There are special classrooms for subjects like Art, Music, Science or Technology. Our school has a massive collection of Physics instruments. They are displayed in labs and corridors. Our high school belongs to the Historic High Schools net that helds annual events and conferences. For more information you can visit the web Sadly, there is not a big hall for exhibitions, so we use corridors and staircases and classrooms instead. The school is engaged in many interesting projects: School of Peace, Historic High Schools, Sport in the school… Welcome to our school!

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Year: 2015
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Posted by: ang_ruiz on Jun 15, 2015

First graders show their high school

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