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Habitat For Humanity WDG - Edit 1

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♪ music playing ♪ - We chose Habitat for Humanity because we dreamed of owning a house and now a days it is incredibly difficult to own a house and habitat gave us hope. Habitat helped us all the way. - I chose Habitat for Humanity because I have seen what they have done in the community and I wanted to be a part of that whether it was volunteering or applying for a house. I was like what do I have to lose, so I applied and shortly after I received a call that I had an interview, so that was really exciting. - For me like being a single mom and I am also desperate to have a home and prepare for entry, so I looked online. The programs that Habitat is doing and then I said this could be the answer to all what I want. - I had to try and find a place to live for myself and they were really quite pricey when I started to look. I saw the thing for city view that they were building these units up here and I thought that I would give them an opportunity and I applied yeah, that was a pretty exciting moment when I got that phone call. - You got the feeling that you are involved in building the house, Habitat does not just simply build the house they are creating a community too, a [INDISCERNIBLE] community. There is lots of kids, my son he got friends already they are mostly families. - We are all kind of right together and I met a couple of my neighbors while going to check the mail or what not and they are just so friendly and a lot of them are outgoing and I have been working with them through the Habitat Restore and just getting to know that they are partner family as well and they too open up to be like oh, so am I like what unit are you in? So, it is very nice to meet them on kind of the same level as myself. - It is very diverse, from seniors as myself to young families here, it is going to be a great community to be in. - We are so happy, we did it for them, they are more healthy now. They like the balcony, they want to play. We are so thankful, so grateful forever that they helped us to realize our dream. - It has a really great impact on my life, I know I will always be secure, I know I will always be able to afford where I am living and that is very important to be able not to have to stress about worrying about paying rent or mortgage or something. I am going to be comfortable, I have my little space, it is my space and I am going to enjoy it. They help you, you are like part of the family and they make you feel like you are a part of their community and part of their family and that is important. - My favorite part about this home is my bedroom. We usually lived in an apartment and I did not have that much space, so I am really looking forward to having a bedroom. - Having a home to me is like a dream come true. It has been like a long journey, but it is all worth it. This home completed has made me complete. This has been like an answered prayer, a dream come true and the greatest blessing. - Actually signing the papers and being handed the keys was just like an amazing feeling and a moment for myself walking through the door the first time with my daughter. People do not understand what it has done for me and my daughter at the end of the day, I just wanted to show her that you can be a single parent and if you work hard then you can fulfill your dreams and my dream is to just show her a stable environment that was really really important for me and it has honestly changed my life. I am really really grateful for Habitat.

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Habitat For Humanity WDG - Edit 1

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