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Sex Drags & Rock 'n' Roll - part 2

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I just wanted to say well done for yesterday.. it was a really big success. I'm Sarah, I'm a member of the BGP We're going to pick up, where we left off yesterday, talking about the catholic church and religion. so what are the opinions on that? He's a priest I think.. he said to me "you can either marry a man, or be celibate for the rest of your life, otherwise you're committing a sin in the eyes of God" I didn't like him, he was very mean! Why can't we go into a church and be married? We'll go in and ask, shall we see how far we can take it? Let's see what they say.. What would you do if they said yes, it would be shocking! If they said yes, that would completely mess up the point we are trying to make! We'll get to people with name's that can be both male and female, like Charlie and Alex yes, but that is fraudulent. I think we should go in and definitely say two girl's names. It's a lesbian marriage isn't it? So you should actually go in believing that you can get married I'd use two unisex names because you can take it further that way.. If you ring up and say for instance Emily and Becki want to get married, they're going to say no.. go and get a civil partnership. that's what I'm saying, if you go in with two unisex names like charlie and alex.. You could actually go in and have a meeting with them.. and see how far we could take it. Once they see you they'll be like no! Yeah, but then we can ask why not. Why can't we get married here? What are your reasons for not letting gay people get married in a church? It can be exposed then can't it? Yes We can find out the real reasons, instead of just going along thinking we're not going to get married in a church, so they'll automatically just go for a civil partnership, instead of people challenging it. Whereas, if we challenge it, we could change it. Expose it, its discrimination, we shouldn't settle for civil partnerships.. we shouldn't settle for what we're allowed, it should be equal rights. Apparently we've gained equal rights, its only equal rights when we can all get married in the church. Personally, I wouldn't get married, it's not something I believe in. But, if you want to get married, you should have that option, you shouldn't have to say "oh I have a civil partnership", because in the eyes of the law it's not the same. Some people might be religious and actually want to get married, because that's what they believe in. I want to get married.. I've planned my marriage out for the cathedral. I've got myself walking up to a set of music and everything.. I've got a wedding book that I've had since I was 10 Would you settle for a civil partnership? Well, I'd have to, I don't have a choice in the matter. I would love to be able to get married properly in a church, but the likelihood of it happening, it as at the moment, not very high. Not really at the moment, but the "big gay party" will fight the power! Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I was wondering if there's any chance of me getting married in your parish. Where do you live Rebecca? Quarry Street in Woolton. Yes, that is fine, you are eligible. Hi, I was looking to organise a wedding. My partner has just proposed, completely out of show I must admit! Well, congratulations to you! Thank you! Can you tell me where you live? I live on Woolton Road, I've only just moved there, my partner has lived there most of his life. That end of Woolton Road I'm afraid is not in our parish! I'm originally from that area, but I moved out two years ago. Providing you have lived in Kirkby for six months at some point, that connection is enough I lived there for 15 years. And what is your name? Sam. Sam? Yes Okay Sam, what is your fiance's name? Molly Sam and Molly? Yes. What is Sam short for? Oh, Samantha Right so the telephone number is.. You only have to have lived in the parish at any stage of your life for 6 months, to be married in any Church of England church. And does that rule apply to my girlfriend as well, or is it okay with me being from that area? Sorry, are you two women? Yes! At present, Church of England cannot do gay marriages right, can I ask why? We're just not allowed to by law, the law dictates what we can do.. and a civil partnership which is what a gay marriage is, can only be solomnised in a civil registry office. It can't be solomnised in a Church of England church at present. Well, where do you live Rebecca? Quarry Street in Woolton Well yes you are eligible, you live in the parish by living on Quarry Street Brilliant, and how do I go about that? The best thing to do is, we deal with wedding enquiries on wednesday night.. from 6.45pm onwards, is that a time you can make? Sorry what time was it again? 6.45pm 6.45pm? Yes, on a wednesday Brilliant! That's great, what kind of time scale are you looking at? I'm not sure yet, I need to speak to my girlfriend about it first. Okay, yeah that's fine. Brilliant, thank you, i'll see you on wednesday! okay, are you ready to go in? Okay, do you know what you're going to say to them? Yes.. yeah. Good luck! Shall we go and sit in the van? Fucking dyke! What? You heard. Did you just call my mate a dyke? She just bumped into me, its my wedding day! David!! There's a woman in the back of the fucking van! Fucking hell, I can't believe I've just done that. *screams* let me out.. Who's next please? Will you bring the prisoner over the right hand side please? Right officer can I have the time and location of your arrest please? The time was 18.00 hours on Quarry Street And the offence for which this gentleman has been arrested? This male has been arrested on suspicion of kidnap. When you are in police detention you have certain rights.. I'll issue these two forms to you here. I'll inform you that you have the right to speak to an independent solicitor free of charge.. the right to have someone told you've been arrested, and the right to consult the codes of practice, which covers police powers and procedures. Can you please sign, in agreement that I've given you the documents and read out numbers 1-3 in the darker print. You have been arrested today on suspicion of kidnap.. I'm going to be asking you a series of questions in relation to that offence. What were you doing in Quarry Street? No comment. Do you know the victim Mary Carson? No comment. Why did you kidnap Mary Carson? Because she was straight! Why did you kidnap Mary Carson? Because she was straight Why did you kidnap Mary Carson? No comment. I'm going to ask again, why did you kidnap Mary Carson? Because she was straight. Why did you kidnap Mary Carson? Because she was straight. Take your shoes of first of all, and put them outside. Let me just take that off your wrist as well. In there is an intercom if you need anything, just press that button and it comes through to the desk there as well.. and obviously you have your toilet there. Alright? Yeah. Do you need anything else? No. Okay, see you in a bit. Mary Carson is a fictional character and was not hurt during the making of this film. Kidnapping someone because they're straight, would be ridiculous wouldn't it?

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