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Hip Hop Marketing

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In 1991, Darryl Cobbin started working for Coca Cola in their marketing department. In particular, the curious thing was that he had explicitly asked to work on Sprite, or "sprite", as it was called in my day when the drink was first launched in Italy. It is important to say that Sprite sales were plummeting at the time and the company was looking for a way to relaunch this product. Communications at the time were targeted towards a white audience, mainly kids, parents, children, caffeine-free drink and Macaulay Culkin, (the child from “Home Alone”) as testimonial, this was the message being given. Cobbin had a different idea - he saw the Hip Hop world and said, “Hang on a second. Let’s go in that direction, because Hip Hop and Sprite really have a lot in common." He saw some shared features. So he started pitching, proposing this idea, inside the company, which was however used to 75-page business plans, massive presentations, loads of details. Imagine Coca Cola, before entering a market, thousands of things to do. He chose a different route instead, which is amusing and described in this short book, "3 Kings", and in this small sheet, which he used. He essentially started circulating these little sheets - small, simple, easy. In 10 lines he could explain, without going around in circles, which technique, marketing strategy, was going to be used to connect Hip Hop and relaunch Sprite. This is a very useful lesson to learn. No overly complicated plans, a few, very clear concepts. Here are some that impressed me. To begin with, he starts by asking, “Who is our customer?” and clearly identifying the customer. Next, he specifies the positioning they are aiming for and says, “We want to be cool, perceived as cool". Number three, the objectives: increase the frequency of consumption, gain 7.5 million new consumers. Then he starts describing the tools to achieve the aims. So he says, “Let’s go to Mba, let’s go to Music Fashion, let’s go on cool holidays. What activations can we make, let’s go and get the world of Hip Hop." Next to each was the name of the person assigned to the task, party over. The moral is: he convinced Coca Cola to head in that direction. From then on, Sprite has taken off, exploded, years of great success, thanks to this Hip Hop marketing technique. There were the inevitable ups and downs, but to this day it is still bound to this culture. This is the key word, because if you analyse all these companies, at the end of the day, they want to go with the culture. Where the culture is strongest, there is where they want to be. Hip Hop, in the case of Sprite, was the right place, blah, blah, blah.

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Hip Hop Marketing

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