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Fair Game (2010)

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(woman) I gotta be at the airport in 45 minutes. (man) Have a good trip. [both together) I love you. (man) I promise I'll behave. (girl) I'm going to behave too. (man) Everyone's going to be on their best behavior. I want you to head up operations. This is top priority. You're doing business with a terror organization. If you get out of this car, I can't protect you. You have no idea what we can and cannot do. (narrator) On a mission to find the facts... The Vice President has received a report concerning the purchase of material to build nuclear weapons. (woman) We need to get in close. (narrator) They turn to her husband for answers. It is my opinion that a sale that size could not have happened. (woman) We have teams in the field They are all saying the same thing. (narrator) But when the truth was made public... What do you think the White House wants to hear, huh? That there was no nuclear program? (other male voice) We're going to change the story. (narrator)...they made her pay the price. (woman) Valerie, you're name is in the paper. It says you're a CIA agent. (Valerie) Sam never worked for the CIA, but his wife... (Sam) was a CIA agency operative. Have you killed people? (Valerie) I can't tell you anything. We have a critical operation in Baghdad. My operative is packed and ready go. I've got to get a message to him. (man) I don't know what you're talking about. (Valerie) I gave my word. Val...It's over. (Valerie) My name is everywhere - my real name! (Sam) Those in the highest office sought to destroy the career of a covert agent, to punish me for telling the truth. Your wife is a traitor! How dare you talk about my wife! You don't know her. (female voice on phone) We know where you live. (Valerie) People threaten to kill my husband, to hurt my children, (Sam) We gotta stike back! They'll bury us if we don't! (Valerie) They push you until they find the point at which you break. You can't break me. I don't have a breaking point. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 11, 2010

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