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Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

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This is a 10‐minute excerpt from Alex Jones’s recent interview with the late Aaron Russo. Aaron Russo is the producer of the movies Trading Places and America: Freedom to Fascism. In this interview, Aaron reveals some startling information about 9/11, the CFR, the global elite, and the New World Order. The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is the goal to create a one‐world government run by the banking industry, run the bankers, and they’re doing it in sections. The European currency, the Euro, and the European Constitution is one part of it. Now they’re trying to do it in America with the North American Union, right? And they want to create a new currency called the Amero, right? And the whole agenda is to create a one‐world government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips, right? There’ll be no more cash. And this is given to me straight from Rockefeller himself. This is what they want to accomplish. And all money will be in your chips. And so instead of having cash, any time you have money in your chip, they can take out whatever they want to take out whenever they want to. If they say, “You owe us this much money in taxes,” they just deduct it out of your chip digitally. Jones: Total control. Total control. And, if you’re like me or you, and you’re protesting what they’re doing, they can just turn off your chip, and you have nothing. You can’t buy food. You can’t do anything. It’s total control of the people. Jones: And that chip is connected to a database that has your purchasing records, what you do, what you sell? Everything. Everything is in there, you know? And so they want a one‐world government controlled by them, everybody being chipped, all their money in those chips. And they control the chips, and they control people. And you become a slave, you become a serf to these people. That’s their goal. That’s their intentions. Jones: Aaron, can you be specific about when you met Rockefeller, how it happened in these discussions? I met Rockefeller through a female attorney I knew who called me up one day and said, “One of the Rockefellers would like to meet you.” I had made a video called Mad as Hell, and he’d seen the video and wanted to meet me, and knew I was running for governor of Nevada. I said, “Sure, I’d love to meet him.” And I met him and I liked him. And he was a very, very smart man. And we used to talk and share ideas and thoughts. And he’s the one who told me eleven months before 9/11 ever happened that there was going to be an event. Never told me what the event was going to be. But there was gonna be an event. And out of that event, we were going to invade Afghanistan, to run pipe lines from the Caspian Sea. We were going to invade Iraq, you know, to take over the oil fields, establish a base in the Middle East, and make it all part of the New World Order. And we’d go after Chavez in Venezuela. And, sure enough, later, 9/11 happened. And I remember he was telling me how we were gonna see soldiers looking in caves for people in, you know, Afghanistan and Pakistan and all these places. And there’s gonna be this War on Terror, in which there’s no real enemy, and the whole thing is a giant hoax, you know, but it’s a way for the government to take over the American people. Jones: He told you it was gonna be a hoax? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There’s no question. He says, “There’s gonna be a war on terror,” and he’s laughing. “There’s no... Who are we fighting?” “I mean, why do you think 9/11 happened, and then nothing’s happened since then?” “Do you think that our security is so great here that these people who pulled off 9/11, who were able to... can’t lock down another plane?” “Come on, it’s ridiculous.” “9/11 was done by people in our own government and our own banking system to perpetuate the fear of the American people into subordinating themselves to anything the government wants them to do.” “That’s what it’s about.” “And to create this endless War on Terror.” “And that’s why we’re...” And that was the first lie. And the next lie was to go on into Iraq, you know, to get Saddam Hussein out with his weapons of mass destruction. That was the next lie. Jones: Now, specifically, this was a little over six years ago? This was, uh... Jones: Eleven months before 9/11. Yeah. Jones: And Nick Rockefeller, who’s a lawyer, he’s become your friend over the previous years, and he’s saying to you that there’s gonna be this big event, and that out of that we’re gonna have a war on terror, and it’s just gonna go on and on? Right. An endless war on terror. Without any real enemy. So you can never define a winner. Jones: And did he say that it’s gonna be perfect, because you can’t define an enemy and it just goes on and on? Yeah. He says, “Because you can’t define a winner.” “There’s no winner, there’s no one to beat.” So it goes on and on forever. And they can do whatever they want. They scared the hell out of the American public. Look, this whole War on Terror is a fraud. It’s a farce. It’s very difficult to say it out loud, because people are intimidated against saying it. Because if you say it, they wanna make you into a nutcase. Jones: Let’s be sp... But the truth has to be... the truth has to come out. That’s why I’m doing this interview. The fact of the matter happens to be that the whole War on Terror is a fraud, it’s a farce. Yeah, there’s a war going on in Iraq, because we invaded Iraq. And people are over there fighting, you know? But the War on Terror? It’s a joke, you know? And until we discover what really happened on 9/11 and who was responsible for 9/11... Because that’s where the War on Terror emanates from. That’s where it comes from. It was 9/11 that allowed this War on Terror to begin. And until we get to the bottom root of 9/11, the truth of 9/11, we’ll never know about the War on Terror. Jones: Aaron, you said that he was, and I think it’s important, and I know this about the Rockefellers from Doctor Dennis Cuddy and many others, who literally... Jones: You’ll be twenty years old in a lunch line in college, and [unintelligible] there’s Rockefeller. Jones: And he hears... I mean, they’re experts at recruiting and getting what they call “players,” and that, clearly, he was u— Jones: I mean, I wanna make it specific and just get you to reiterate what you said last night about you were... you got thirty percent of the vote, you were having an effect, you were... you had made Mad as Hell, they knew that you’d started the Constitution Party... Yeah. Jones: They knew that you were somebody who’s taking action and getting things done. Jones: You’d already made some big films, had a lot of other successes... Right. Jones: So they were trying to recruit you and didn’t it come down to the point of, “Hey, we are here to recruit you, and don’t worry, your chip’s gonna say, ‘Don’t mess with us, you know? This guy’s don’t‐touch’”? Yes. That did happen. I was definitely being recruited. But it’s more subtle than that. Jones: Well, your word, just go through the process, and then, what did he say? Well, what it is is, remember, we were friends and he used to go to my house a lot, we’d have dinner, we’d talk, and he’d tell me about business investments that he’d get involved in, you know, or they would help me with this business investment or that business investment. And, was I interested in joining the Council on Foreign Relations? You know, I would have to get a letter to join them, but was I interested in that? And, you know, just stuff, you know? Leading you on. And I used to say to him that I never really did that because that wasn’t where I was coming from, you know? “As much as I like you, Nick, you know, your way isn’t my way.” “We’re the opposite sides of the fence, you know?” “I don’t believe in enslaving people, you know?” And, um... Jones: And he would come back with, “Oh, I do,” or...? Well, it would be more like, you know... Jones: “It’s better for them!”? It’s more like, you know, um... How do I put it? It was like, “What do you care about them?” “What do you care about those people?” “What difference does it make to you?” “Take care of your own life.” “Do the best you can for you and your family.” “What do the rest of the people mean to you?” “They don’t mean anything to you.” “They’re just serfs, they’re just people.” You know, it was just a lack of caring, you know, and that’s just not who I was. It was just sort of, like, cold, you know? It was just, like, cold, you know? And I used to say to him, “What’s the point of all this?” “You have all the money in the world you need.” “You have all the power you need.” “What’s the point?” “You know, what’s the end goal?” And he said the end goal is to get everybody chipped. To control the whole society. To have the bankers, the elite people, you know, the bankers and some government controlling the world. And I said, “Do all of the people in the Council on Foreign Relations believe this way you do?” He said, “No, no, no.” You know, he said, “Most of them believe they're doing the right thing.” “A lot of them believe it’s better off being socialistic.” “You know, we have to convince people that capitalism... that socialism is really capitalism.” He said, “America’s becoming a socialist country. It’s a communist country today.” Well, one of the things they told me was that... He brought with... He was at the house one night, and we were talking and he started laughing, and he said, “Aaron, what do you think Women’s Liberation was about?” And I said... I had pretty conventional thinking about it at that point. I said, “Things about women having the right to work, getting equal pay with men, just like they won the right to vote.” You know? And he started to laugh, and said, “You’re an idiot.” And I said, “Why am I an idiot?” And he said, “You want... Let me tell you what that was about.” “We the Rockefellers funded that.” “We funded Women’s Lib.” You know? And, “We’re the ones who got it all over the newspapers and television, the Rockefeller Foundation.” He says, “And you wanna know why?” He says, “There were two primary reasons.” And they were, one reason was, “We couldn’t tax half the population before Women’s Lib.” And the second reason was, “Now we get the kids in school at an early age.” “We can indoctrinate the kids how to think.” “It breaks up their family.” “The kids start looking at the state as their family.” “At the school, at the officials as their family.” “Not at the parents teaching them.” And so those were the two primary reasons for Women’s Lib, which I thought up to that point was a noble thing, you know? But when I saw their intentions behind it, where they were coming from when they created it, the thought of it, I saw the evil behind what I thought was a noble venture.

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America: Freedom to Fascism Filmmaker Aaron Russo has exposed first-hand knowledge of the elite global agenda during a video interview and live on Alex Jones' nationally-syndicated radio show

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