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Textile that I ...that I work on is a utopia. It does not fit anywhere in this era of fast art. There must be some alternative for the art that represents the material, the school, that may be at the same time very fine and less uncomfortable than the one we used to seeing in installations, performances Feels good at work There was an exhibition in spring. After that, there was really cool and sincere feedback from a man an artist who is a blacksmith and his work is opposite to mine and the energy is completely different from mine and I was very pleased that he was inspired, that he had learned something And that such meticulous work gave him such a positive impression That is very important as his work is related to male energy that is forge, hammers, and welding, and that he learned took something from this textile I choose fabrics that remind colours of some creatures to get the recognizable silhouette but an entirely new object as a result. There is a lack of foreign exhibitions. Very few foreign artists are brought here. Even the modern ones. Not only in Lviv but in fact in Ukraine. Speaking of the internal market of fine art, somehow it seems that it is not diverse In most cases, these are the same names, the same people Textile atelier And a very French-like view from the window at Prus square Favourite character... There are many here. Diadia (uncle) Vasia from the tobacco stall. Nice man who gave me a tour Have you ever sit in a tobacco stall? Everything is very small there: a small microwave, a small kettle and a billion of different cigarettes all over. A small fridge. Well, everything is small. It's very interesting. It's like some communication tube, a kind of elevator into a different reality. It's really strange that here in Franka street the traffic is so heavy and when you get there and it's a super micro area It seemed to me if you stay in such an area for a long time, you can go crazy Well, I have here my previous studio in Franka street that is small but how he can spend all day long in the stall, I can't even imagine. Transparent fabrics are generally interesting to me as I can layer them and get undertones and some watercolour effects. That's why I work with the fabric, burn it, and complete by sewing. I use print fabric, manufactured, and I get what you see. Work takes longer if I cannot decide what colour detail to use I keep thinking over, buy a pile of patches and fit them. It is technically very difficult, because when the fabric is just pinned it has one tone and when you sew it, it can be more difficult in colour, refraction or play in colours, depending on light. Therefore, it is difficult if the fabric has a glimmer or it's a chameleon, it's very difficult to work with it when it's directly affected by light. Is it hard to be an artist, that's the question they often ask. You never know when your summer is I realised that for me happiness is real relaxation after real hard work. It's important to know your identity. If you do not respect where you are from, you go somewhere and you have to identify yourself somehow, you have to be like a house with the foundation, by all means. Textile that I work on is a utopia. In the era of fast art it doesn't fit anywhere. It takes a lot of effort. It is very difficult to estimate it, because it has very few analogues. I send it to managers in Kyiv, they do not understand how to evaluate it, even in terms of a name, because it is a painting done by fabrics. My name is Vasylyna I'm 31 and I've been painting for 24 years.

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Posted by: zhasncya on Feb 13, 2017

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