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Hyuk and Hongbin Cooking

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-Have you made kimchi fried rice before? -This is my first time. -Me too! -Using the back of the knife -You can’t put it in right now! -Oh you’re right! -That was close -That’s right x2 -Here, take it -Thank you! -No no ! you have to put it in before you do that -Ah, I knew that already! I was rolling it -Watch, grab it like this… and like this -Right? -Cut it from here like this -About this much butter? -Yes that looks about right. -I’m great at estimating. -You have to spread the butter, spread it -Oh this is kinda hard for left-handed people -Oh I have to do it on top of here. -Let me rest for a bit -Wait wait , let’s turn off the heat. -I need-I need time to think -Hyung, are you trying to get all the ham? -WAIT! CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN!! -Wait, I don’t have to heat the rice? -Nope, you don’t have to. -Because you’re gonna fry it anyways. -Ah. Then cancel! -So cool -Right, you just have to cancel -Ooh this smells pretty good -My hands are slippery -Should I try? -You should try -That one is open -OH!! This one!! This one is open!! -This is why you should prep your ingredients thoroughly -Everyone, you’ll be able to see proper cooking from this point forward. -Hyung , you’re really bad at this -I’m gonna - where is it? -Sugar -Yeah me too! I also saw people saying we should add sugar -Sugar is a must-have for my cooking -Sugar and ketchup! -This is the perfect amount? -This? Oh alright. -Everyone, have you seen a sunny-side up egg? -Oh, are you good at making fried eggs? -No joke I’m so good -To this we add sugar -Why do you keep adding sugar? -Be quiet, you haven’t even tried it -Don’t put in so much -I put in the right -UGH! So annoying -Gochujang? (hot chili paste) -Soy sauce? -Sesame oil? No? gochujang? Doenjang? -Kimchi? -Gochujang? Sesame oil? Sesame seeds? -‘Put in sesame seeds.’ Someone says we should use sesame seeds. -Is this stressful? -Nope… You’ve ruined it anyways. -Mine is just a little lacking right now. –Did you put sugar in mine? -In yours? -Nope -You didn’t right? Why is it so sweet then? -You know how at first I said I have a great sense of taste? -I forgot to taste test while I was cooking -Yep, you sure didn’t. -There was a mistake -We’ll improve next time

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