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Honors College

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I think the coolest part of being in the Honors College is probably the small classes. Part of a network. Less homework and busy work. Crazy awesome. Make connections with faculty. Free printing. You really get to know each other. The S.L.U.G: Students Learning Underground. You're never bored in an honors class. Which I think is a very invaluable tool, especially when you are required to take things for BacCore that maybe aren't as interesting to you. So the mission of the Honors College is to provide a home for high achieving students. Those students who are looking for more from their education. They also have the opportunities to engage in up to 300 different student clubs. But they have the advantages of being in a small college as well. And that primarily comes to the honors classes that we offer. And those are small classes, so limited to 12 or 20 students. So every term the Honors College puts out its own course catalog, which is usually about, I guess like, 7 to 10 pages. The heads of the departments are actually teaching those classes so you get to make connections with faculty that don't always teach undergraduate classes. But there's always so many offered that it's really not hard if you can't get in to your first choice, there's always something else. There's a "Far Side Entomology" course that I haven't taken, but a lot of my friends have, that studies insect-human relations through the "Far Side" comic. Well there is the S.L.U.G., which stands for Students Learning Underground because it's like our basement lounge/computer lab. And it has unlimited free printing. We'll have a campus clean up in the the spring that we help with. We go and Christmas carol at an old folks' home, which is just delightful. We have the Welcome Picnic every year where our dean will hand out cookies, and you get to meet the staff, you get to see the other students. It's a very fun and at the same time rigorous and academic setting for those that really want to be involved in their learning. So one of the things we try to provide for honors students is that, that higher level of opportunity and learning. So we want them to come out with their disciplinary training. We want our engineers to well trained, we also want the honor student to have that additional understanding of how the whole world works, how the pieces fit together.

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Posted by: umarket on Nov 30, 2009

at Oregon State University

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