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Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!!

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-Hey! Hey, Baby Carrot! Hey, Baby Carrot! -What? -I'm really glad you could "stick" around. [laughs] -Enough! Enough! -What? Does baby need a bottle? -Just shut up! Shut up already! You've been talking for hours! -[yawns] Yeah, I am getting kind of sleepy. -Hey! Looks like you could you some ZOOM! -Huh? -With ZOOM, you don't have to count sheep, you can ride them at the speed of sound. -Hey, can it buddy. It's time for bed. [laughs] -Just one sip gives you a full night's rest in just 30 seconds. Whoo-hoo! -Yeah? Well, I bet you can't do this. [babbling tongue] -ZOOM can do. [babbling tongue rapidly] -Whoa! -Whoo-hoo! Did you know that ZOOM is also an alternative energy source? -Did you know I can do this? [hacks, spits] -Careful, ZOOM is under tremendous pressure. -What? I thought you were alumi-numb. [laughs] -ZOOM... can't... hold it... any... longer. [liquid spraying] -Hey! -Watch out! This is extreeeme! -I don't want your backwash. [spits] Ugh... -ZOOM is... feeling... drained. -Yuck, this place smells like cough syrup. -It's not cough syrup. It's... it's... ZOOM!!! -Are you okay? -Hey, hey ZOOM, I thought you were a can, but you look like a can't. [laughs] -ZOOM... is down. -What's the matter? Feeling drained? [laughs] -Okay, what's going on here? -Hey, hey Pear! Can you do this? [babbling tongue rapidly] -What the--? -Quiet! -Whoo! -What are you doing? -Hey! Hey, look! I'm a motorboat. [fluttering lips like a motorboat engine] -Oh, make it stop. [engine sounds continue] -What's going on? -[laughs] -Why won't anybody shut up? -Whoa, I just realized I can do this. [rolling tongue continuously] -Orange. Orange! Orange!!! -Hey, hey, who said that? I didn't say it, did you say it, Pear? I didn't say anything. -Orange, you gotta slow down, buddy. -Slow down? No way. I feel great. I'm gonna get so much done. I want to paint the house. Do you want to paint the house, Pear? Let's paint the house. -Oh, my God! I can't take it anymore! -Hey, hey Carrot! You should eat something. How 'bout some baby-back-baby-back...[continues] -No! -Okay, okay, okay, it's okay, little guy, just don't worry. I'm sure this is gonna wear off any second now. ribs. [laughs] [rolling tongue rapidly] -Shut up! -[rolls tongue] [snores] -[sighs in relief] Is he finally... you know.. -Yeah, phew, I think it's finally over. -Thank goodness. For a second, I thought I was gonna get annoyed to death. -Whoa... hey... hey, Baby Carrot. -Yeah? -Bunny rabbit. -[screams] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -ZOOM... feels... empty inside.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Feb 28, 2011

Orange drinks an energy drink, and the kitchen will never be the same.

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