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Karl Jean-Louis, Haiti Aid Watchdog

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We had three reports already on the website. The first report we had an assessment of about nine ITP sites. In the second report we had a list of international organizations working in Haiti, looking at their budget and how much money they had collected for the humanitarian aid. And we went to the websites of those humanitarian organizations and found out that 80% of those organizations had not provided any reports 60 days after the earthquake. And one of the things we are doing right now is we are working with university students and the program is called "Citizen Monitoring Blitz." And the purpose of the "Citizen Monitoring Blitz" is to encourage Haitians, young Haitians, to get involved in the process of the reconstruction of the country by monitoring what is going on and the impact of the international aid. and we have about 17 students, and those students will soon be dispatched in the field to collect information on what is going on and so we can engage in constructive dialogue with the international partners so that they can be more transparent because at the end of the day, today in Haiti nobody knows which organization is working where how much money they are spending through the project implementation and that's very concerning and that's what the Watchdog is about. And we also are working and trying to encourage the government to step up and monitor, at least identify the international organizations currently working in Haiti. So, that's what we do and we are hoping that we will have more partnerships and resources so that we can do more monitoring work in all the in Port-au-Prince. We are focusing in Port-Au-Prince, hoping that with resources that we can do more in Leogane, in Petionville, in Jacmel. How important is information for Haiti moving forward? Well, one of the key challenges that we are facing is access to information. I think it's very important for the citizens of Haiti to know which organizations are providing the services and also it's very important for the world to know what is going on here. What works, what doesn't work, what are the pitfalls, the blockage. And I find it very difficult to really know which organization is working where and what they are doing. And I think the Haitian citizen, in order to get part of the needs to get access to the information.

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Posted by: koze on Jun 30, 2010

Karl Jean-Louis, project director for Haiti Aid Watchdog (, discusses his organization's attempts to track and monitor the work of NGOs in Haiti and the importance of access to information for Haitian citizens in the wake of the earthquake.

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