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Programa Campeões nas Quadras e na Vida

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- Tha's why I was always tracking him down. - Wallace, won't you go to study? - He probably thought I was very annoying, because I wouldn't drop his case. - Because nowadays, you are nobody without study. - And the opportunities... offered by life - the project at FUCAS, was something... - A project like the one at FUCAS, it will be hard to find the same. - I started at FUCAS on the gymnasium - in 2007. - By then I participated on all activities - the creative ones. - I was in theather class, percussion many things. - I even was part of a play, I also wrote many plays. - But where I really found myself was with dancing. - His dream is to dance. - He takes a quick shower, get dressed and take his backpack. - And there is an incentive over there, since they have: - dancing, circus, infolab, soccer and many other activities. - FUCAS for me, oh my, it changed my whole perspective about the future. - It changed some questions in regards of what I thought I could be. - FUCAS gave me a new perspective about life. - It is kind of a magic place. - Where I had dreams and I was able to make them come true, and now - I am giving my dream back to each one of the new youngsters. - And I think this is very cool. Wallace is a residente of the Caixa Hill, in Florianópolis. A community where there are around 10.000 people are living. This is where one of the FUCAS Social Assistance Centers is located. And its at FUCAS where Wallace, and hundreds of other youngsters have their lives changed by being allowed to have full access to their rights as citzens. FUCAS allows that these children and teens surpass social barriers. Following a good path where each step will lead them to success. Becoming protagonists of their own life stories. In order to guarantee that FUCAS develops the program: Champions in Sports & Life Which promotes being part of society for chidren and teens from 12 and 18 years old. The project 'Esporte Cidadão' stimulates the development of sporting and physical skills. Here, sport is used as an instrument of social inclusion. Helping to form real life champions inside the community. - With sports I've learned to work as a team, agility, motor skills. - What I like at FUCAS is to see my friends every day. - I like to play with them, I like to have fun. The project Art & Culture stimulate and reveal new talents. The youngsters exercise their role as citizens and exhibit their artistic potential with crafts & arts activities circus clinics dancing and guitar classes. The self steem of these youngsters is boosted when they realize their own capacities and also by getting recognition of the community. - It is not only here that we learn but also outside - we learn how to live, we learn how to dance. - it's very good. - I feel like dancing and give my best. The project 'Digital Caixa' uses technology and communication to promote social inclusion. A important social tool. The youngster gets in contact with the digital world and begins to act actively on social relations. - Well, it really helps me. - Because if it wasn't for this project - a lot of people would not be able to use a computer. - That is why I came here. - To get to know new people, I make a lot of friends. FUCAS offers educational, psychological and social assistance. All the beneficiaries undergo a school follow-up are fed healthly, and are given uniforms. Besides counting on the support of professionals specialized on education. - The role of the educator here at FUCAS - is to provide to these youngsters - the experience of what is to be a citizen. - And so, through the clinics we offer here, they can practice - they are able to exercise their role as citizens - within the program and on their own community. - There are many students that became professionals - on the computing, circus and dancing areas. - And even crafts & arts - because they identified themselves with that role. The work of FUCAS, the commitment of the family and the will power of the youngsters are fundamental factors to change life stories. - When we are on the stage, its a new world, its magic - new things and situations at the same time. - And those moments slip away quickly, like 5 minutes. - But those 5 minutes are like magic - to be on the stage, and I love it. - And to be part of it. To do and to be part its everything for me. - Wallace is an example, because he fought for what he wanted - he fought for this dream. - He started like a student and became a teacher because he loves dancing. - And likewise, we are all part of this group and we all can fight like he did. - We can also try to be a dance teacher. The stories will became examples to be followed. Creating an humantarian mindset that focus on a more just society. Join us and be a part of FUCAS. An institution built on solidarity respect, ethics and citizenship. Social well being is our essence.

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