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Video_2_Why its important this year

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Why is it important this year to participate in Lag Ba'Omer 2015. We are looking and waiting And hoping, that Lag Ba'Omer this year Because there are those of you that are familier with astrology And know and heard about these, what they call blood moons And there are four of them, three of them Already happened, and the fourth one yet to come Is Rosh Ha'Shana, Sukkot Now, in history, when we've had four, what they called blood moons Plus the eclipses that have happened It's a time of change, it's the time of sometimes violent change Or sometimes, hopefully this time, It'll be the time of self awareness, self awakening That we will change ourselves And this Lag Ba'Omer The core that we're looking for is to be a force of kindness. To share, to be careful Of what comes out of our mouth Because, it's very simple to have a wonderful Lag Ba'Omer Music and dancing Food, and going into the Idra and being With the energy of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on his day On the day that he elevated To the next world But the idea is not to be and to enjoy, Which is OK, but to be a part of And the only way, at list the only way according to our teachings That you get the things that you might need from the Creator, is to be like the creator Can you imagined if we receive all the things that we are entitled to receive For all the negative things that we've done But yet we know that Each one of us should be able to love our dearest friend The way the creator loves the people who don't even believe that he exist And for this Lag Ba'Omer, our thought, our mind Should concentrate on being the force of that kind of kindness. And through the teachings of the Kabbalah Through the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and through his energy Hopfuly you and I, and the world can see September, October, November next year A world, not in Chaos Not in distraction But a world trying to put the pieces together and saw the web Of unity, throughout our country Throughout the countries of the world Till that the thought and vision of Rabbi Shimon That no man will have to teach his neighbor any more For all will know the glory Of the creator, will come to fruition. And that's my hope and my prayer for Myself and my family And for all the peoples in the centers around the world To enjoy and to be a part Of that great event. The registration is opened

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Video_2_Why its important this year

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