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NM Scorpio Yael Yardeni 2014

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So welcome everyone to all our friends in Europe. So today I'm going to give you a little piece of forecast for the whole month of Scorpio as we enter into it pretty soon. And we are also going to talk about— a little bit—the sign of Scorpio and how the influence of that sign is going to push all the buttons in different places in Europe as well. So what are we to look forward to when we enter the month of Scorpio? The first thing that is for us very striking is that there is a dichotomy in that month between two different trends. The map of the month, the chart of the month, is divided into two different sets of forces. The first set of forces is still very, very Libra, very, very peace oriented. The rising sign of the chart is very still in the Taurus energy and the Libra energy, so we have that trend that is happening. And at the same time, we have the infamous planet Uranus in Aries that is acting up crazy this month. Plus we have as well Saturn placed in a position that really pushes our buttons because you know the sun will be entering Scorpio at the same time. We Mercury retrograde— we have a lot of different forces acting up together, and it gives us on one hand the desire to be peaceful, to not argue, the desire to be finding mediation in everything that we do, and on the other hand we are very challenged by the Martian Mars energy that is happening exactly at the same time. So what are we to do with that? What do we understand from it? So the first thing that we need to know is that this month will be divided into two, the same as the dichotomy. The first part of the month will be more quiet. The second part of the month will be more challenging. As slowly but surely many, many planets are also going to enter Scorpio and then we're going to have a whole band, a whole bundle of planets in Scorpio basically pressuring all our buttons. So the first two weeks are going to be lot easier, a lot more peaceful, then the second half. What are we to do this month? Number one, very, very important we have to follow our teacher Karen's advice from Rosh Hashanah, the advice of kindness, the advice of not going to argue with anyone or going into conflict because Uranus represents— in the chart— it represents all our reactive systems. And the way that it is placed and the way that it interacts with all the different planets makes it—indeed— very difficult for us to not be reactive. But we need to remember the bigger picture because in the bigger picture, we think that terror, terrorism, and wars, we always think that they are fueled by politicians or they are fueled by moneys coming from "X", "Y", or "W", but what we don't understand is that spiritually what fuels terrorism globally, it's my own terrorist inside. It's my own reactivity. And what's happening, especially the second part of the month of Scorpio, is that we are going to be feeling very, very edgy, very, very Mars like— wanting to go and pick a fight with everybody. And that's exactly the time to remember the message of the entire year. My demons, my terrorist behavior, my monster inside, is really what is going to be fueling Uranus in the cosmos. And Uranus being in retrograde in Aries creates a very unexpected event, things that no one would have thought of. We talked about it many years ago, first when Uranus entered. It was in the spring a couple of, three, years ago if I'm not mistaken, it entered Aries. Immediately we started with earthquakes and conflicts and revolutions. And the position of Uranus is extremely tricky this month because in Aries, Aries is ruled by Mars. The whole month of Scorpio is ruled by Mars. So Mars is kind of pulling the strings of two very, very hyperactive signs that are looking to do things that are very difficult and very extreme. So one of the important things to remember is that extremes are always wrong. The world is not black and white. This is this month of Scorpio that we need to really unplug all the extreme behaviors that we have in our lives, each and every one of us, has certain area of life that makes them extremely reactive. Some of us, it's justice, when we feel that they have not been treated properly. For others, it's what's happening globally and politically that makes them very nervous, very anxious, very angry. For some of us, it's our family that's pushing our buttons. We are all challenged by different things. But this month is really—for us— an opportunity to make a decision. And that decision is to decide on peace. The decision is about leaving the justice and leaving extreme behaviors to the light and us being the one that is going to balance the universe. We need to make a choice to balance the universe. And let me tell you guys, until the 25th October Mercury is retrograde, so every time we are trying to say something it comes out in a different way. Mars is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is very tactless. So Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, is in a very tactless position. So my advice, just walk away. You feel that the conversation is going a little bit south, just leave. Say, "You know what; we will talk about this later. We have plenty of time," unless it's an emergency to deal with it. So remember, Uranus is acting up, Mercury retrograde until October 25th. The first part of the month of Scorpio is going to be a lot better, a lot lighter than the second part, which is going to turn very, very intensive. And we're going to feel that we're going to wear an armor. We want to wear an armor to go to war to go to talk to people. Our choice is peace. Leave the fairness for the cosmos. So as we do every month let's give a little roast to our friends the Scorpios, find out a little bit more secrets about them. And for the ones of us that are not Scorpio we really want to get a clue as to the atmosphere we are going to enter in during the month. What does it mean that I'm entering the red, strong atmosphere of a Scorpio energy? So one, what do we need to know about the sign of Scorpio? Number one, Scorpio is boiling water. Handle with care. We know that it's a water sign with an internal energy of fire. Fire and water together makes a very complex personality and the ones of you guys that know a Scorpio— and we all know one in our family at least— or friends, know that Scorpios are very deep, that Scorpios are very secretive, that's it's extremely difficult and almost mission impossible to know a Scorpio one-hundred percent. So the energy that we're entering in during this month is an energy that is very dense. It's an energy where we really need to take a look at small things, really to pay attention and sharpen up our eyes and our minds. And as it goes, Scorpios know exactly the problem. Immediately when they enter a room, the first thing they are going to spot is what doesn't work. This is one of the reasons why they make great warriors and great fixers. They fix problems in two minutes, but their own personality can be at times extremely destructive. The reason being of course that the water and the fire together are so antagonistic that either the water kills the fire, which is all their emotions— the water is the fears and the emotions and the depths and the instincts, kill the fire. The fire is their ability to make things happen their actions. When a Scorpio enters the room we immediately feel very intense energy, a very dense energy. We automatically know that something's going to happen. This person is going to make things move. Even the Scorpios amongst you guys that are more corrected and more turned up, we're going to recognize of you that you are a Scorpio when we are pushing too many of your buttons. And then the sting comes out and then a sentence gets out of you, and everybody's like shocked. What on Earth happened? What did they say? One of the biggest lessons of the month of Scorpio and the sign of Scorpio is very much that extremes are not real. Extremes are an illusion. It's not because something in a situation is wrong, that the entire situation is wrong. What happens in the Scorpio's mind— the way that it filters things— because they are so black and white, it's got to be the best or the worst. There is nothing in the middle. In the way to assess people and situations, it goes exactly the same. In the Kabbalistic system, we recognize that there are three kinds of Scorpios. There is the Scorpio that we call the Scorpion, the Scorpio that we call the Snake, and the Scorpio that we call the Eagles. So it's three different types of personalities of Scorpios. And it goes from the less spiritual to the more spiritual. Let's talk about the basic Scorpio that has never worked on himself, which is called in the tradition, the Snake. The Snake is the Scorpio from the underdog. It's the Scorpio which is mastering the idea and the art of manipulation. Example, Machiavelli. Machiavelli was a Scorpio. He knew how to manipulate circumstances, how to politically strategize in order to get wherever he needed to get. Now, the Snake is considered to be really the bottom of all the spirituality of the sign of Scorpio because manipulations are not going to get us anywhere. It's the least spiritual thing to do and it's stems from a big uncertainty. Why would I need to manipulate the situation if I'm certain that the light is in this picture? So the Snake is the most dangerous of the species of Scorpio. If you know anyone like that, you may say hello, you may say goodbye, and just pass your way. The second type of Scorpio is called the Scorpion. Now the Scorpion, the animal in zoology, is actually practically blind. And it says that this animal guides himself by instinct, by what they feel. And there is a very strange legend, which happens to be real, in the world of animals of the scorpion it says that the mother scorpion carries her babies on her back, but in times of famine, she actually eats them up, which is kind of weird. So it shows us on one end the duality when the instinct, the unbelievable intuition, and sometimes eating their own children. Really? Eating the fruits of your labor? That's kind of strange. That's the second type and second level of Scorpio, which it still requires strong work to overcome the manipulation and the fears that makes them eat their own children and their own fruits of their labor. The third type of Scorpio is the one we are most interested in, in Kabbalah because we call it the Eagle. What is the Eagle? An Eagle has the sight, an unbelievable sight. He flies very, very high and knows exactly what's going on. He can spot what's happening down there. If there is a prey, if there is turmoil, he can see everything. But because he's flying over the problem, he's not affected by it. And that type of Scorpio is King David. King David is like the Eagle. He knew how to resolve the conflict. He knew about the light. He kept the light in his heart. When we read that King David was the chariot of Mahout, the Sephirot, the emanation of our world, of our physical world, we read about him that he was an amazing warrior, and that he killed hundreds of thousands of people and won all the battles, but on the other hand when we read the Psalms, it's all about the light and surrendering and love. It's a little bit like trying to imagine Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan writing poetry. It doesn't work together. And that's the paradox of the Eagle. They are capable of landing on the planet they are capable of flying and in those both motions, they feel very comfortable and they rise above any problems. So this is exactly what we want for our month. We want to remove the fears. We want to let go of the edginess. We want to learn to be an eagle, to look at everything from above, and above all, be a peacemaker. Now, the countries that are going to be the most affected by the month of Scorpio and the different interactions between the planets are going to be Russia, who is very, very strongly Scorpio oriented, and it's also going to be England in some ways because Saturn is going to be very strongly not so good inspecting that particular country, and of course our friends, Italian friends, with a chart of Italy. Gemini was a Scorpio rising. There are still a little bit suffering from Saturn pushing their buttons. So those three countries have to be completely Zen. Guys, you are the ambassador of the light. Spread the words with all your friends, and before long it's going to be viral. So remember, keep your cool. Be a real warrior. Take a look at everything from above like an eagle, and don't give energy at all to the terrorist within. We think everyone of you guys are wonderful months. Great month of Scorpio. We'll see each other for next month.

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