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[rocket boom] ALIVE IN BAGHDAD LIFE, FROM IRAQIS TO YOU [Sounds of cars and people] After the United States built a wall around Adhamiya, chaos enngulfed the neighborhood. However, last fall local Iraqis formed a Sahwa in Adhamiya, quickly restoring security. But are they what they seem? [Sounds of car horns and traffic moving] LOCALS BRING SECURITY TO ADHAMIYA ABU AL AB'ID, LEADER, ADHAMIYA SAHWA It was initiated six months ago. We were a small group then, when killings pitted Adhamiya neighbors against neighbors, other Sunnis, and sons of the country. We hated this, which had a big influence on Muslims in our area. We were a small group of five, so we invited youths of our area. We formed a small secret cell which started to fight the killers and gangs existing in the region. Then, we extended our activity as the acts of killing spread out over the region, and parts of the Adhamiya became empty, and other areas became graveyards. [Sounds of congested traffic] MUDHAR AL-U, SAHWA FIGHTER [Reporter speaking] What is your reason for enlisting the "Rebels of Adhamiya"? In fact, our ardor led us to do it. Concerning our region, we were severely damaged and people were killed in the street. This affected our livelihood. I had a transport company but I have closed it due to the hard security situations. [Sounds of traffic moving] DR. ADEL AL-KAIYAR, ADHAMIYA RESIDENT [Reporter speaking] What is your opinion about the "Rebels of Adhamiya" forces, who are trying to keep security? In fact, I have been living in Adhamiya for four years. as we suffered many bad events but now we are happy, because people are now able to fulfill their needs, as they are now able to work, come out, and visit each other. We were like birds which often hide when they fear something. So, we used to hide inside our homes just like birds. But now we can go out, shop, and visit our friends and family. So, we consider this a good omen if it is Allah's will! But we appeal the rebels not to hurt anyone, and to work for the benefit of people. ASHRAF THAMER AL, BAGHDAD RESIDENT Previously, we could not reach this area but, praise be to Allah, we are able to come out and go anywhere, with the great efforts of these forces. We feel safe coming out and on Thursday I stayed here till 8 p.m. May Allah save them! For more on this story visit

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