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The 5 Step Process for True Transformation_Final

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>> Hello, and welcome again. I'm so excited. We're going to talk in this lecture about how to work with your clients, and creating healing, and resolving conflict. Wouldn't it be great if you could figure out how to work with your clients? And not only help them to heal their bodies, help them with their nutrition, help them in all of those amazing ways, healing their gut, maybe their hormones, getting rid of skin conditions, all of that kind of stuff. But what if you could help them to heal on an even deeper level beyond the physical, beyond just what you can see, but help them to really understand and heal past trauma, conflicts in their lives. That is what this lecture is all about. Today, I'm going to talk about how to work with your clients, whether it's in a one-to-one aspect, a group aspect or on large stages speaking intuitive transformational speaking, and how to actually go through a five-step process that will allow you to help your clients to heal and to resolve conflict in their lives. So do you ever have a client that comes to you and they say, "I have this huge problem, and I can't figure out what to do with it." So maybe it's something simple like, "I'm a nail biter, I can't quit biting my nails." It's like a huge problem for some people, right? And you're like, "I just want to quit biting my nails. What can I do?" Well, what if you had a way that you could, no matter what the problem was, that you could take these people through a five step process that you integrate into your coaching, that you use as part of the lessons and the coaching that you've learned from IIN, and so this is just a part of the process and another one of the things that you can do that will absolutely help them to heal. And then what will it do is it not only helps them to heal on a physical level but a psychological level, and a level beyond the subconscious mind but the superconscience, the conscience beyond where we all stand right now. And so you're going to have the ability to learn the masterpiece from coaching your clients. So the masterpiece again is the message that you get the lessons after you take a client through perceptual position, you're going to take a client through different perceptual positions to learn the masterpiece, then you can find out what the lessons are and really learn how to integrate those lessons into the life at this time, and create transformation and healing through all space and time. No matter what you believe in that space, quantum physics shows that everything that you do now will ripple through all space and time, and so we're going to teach you that. So what are the five steps to this process of true transformation? Part of this comes from the Janus model, and it's J-A-N-U-S. You can check it out, really powerful amazing stuff that he put together. But we're going to go into now into these five parts. Part number one, working with true transformation is going into someone's past into an event that is in our so called "past" and finding out the lessons from that. So there's techniques that you could use. You could use conscious regression, you can use, what I call, past pulling. And what it is is we're going to go in through the timeline, that is our lives, maybe back to somebody's childhood, maybe even into the womb, into a past life if you believe in that. But this is going into something that has already happened, that already exists in time, and you're going to be pulling the lessons from that, you're going to be seeing what actually happened. So what is powerful about this? Well, let's go back to neuroscience for a little bit. Neuroscience says that we make up most of our memories. So what does that mean? It means that our memories are not complete 100% full intact memories, otherwise, we would have no space up here for all of that. What we do is we remember specific little points of it and our brain fills in the gaps for us. It's just like when you look at a word and say, you look at a word and it's spelt wrong, your brain fills in the gaps to spell it right. Or if you have a word like wheel of fortune, you do wheel of fortune? And there words are missing, your brain fills in the gaps. Same things happen with your memories of the past. Your brain fills in the gaps. So, say, you have a memory of riding on the ponies with your best friend when you were a child. But then 15 years later, you and best friend have a huge falling out and you're no longer best friends. The memory that you have of riding that pony with your best friend for 15 years ago will actually change based on the consideration that you're no longer best friends, your brain will fill in the gaps, and you will think that you guys were not as close back then as you actually were. And so when we think about this memory and getting into the past and looking at these things, if we can actually go back in and fill in those gaps ourselves with new stuff that's better or different than what it was before, then we can actually change the way that we perceive the event, again back to that perception, change the way we perceive the event. So when we have an event in the past or something from previous in our lives, it's called an imprint. And so we're going to actually go back in and heal or change these imprints and create new memories around them. So that's first part. So first part you want to do is if your client has a problem, let's say they have a finger nail biting problem, and so we would take them back into the past to the very first time, find that place, when did they first start biting their nails? And maybe they're like, "Oh, I was in kindergarten and I was sitting, and I was supposed to bring in a toy for show and tell and I forgot. And so since I forgot, I started biting my nails." Oh, so we get there, and we're like okay, now we have the story. Now we know what's going on, now let's go in and do some work around that. And we can start to see what the imprint is, we can get into that space, and we can make a change. So then part two, once you're in that past, once you're in that event, once you're in that space, what you want to do is is access the higher self, the higher wisdom, that's at third perceptual position. You want to access the higher self, the wisdom, the detached observer, the intuitive intelligence from that situation, so then you would fly up above that event or you would go above and look down at the event where so it's... Now that you're up above, the little five year old that's in kindergarten, and she's down there, and she's forgotten her toy, and so she starts biting her nails because she's nervous. And you start to look at the wisdom of what was the positive intension behind the biting of the nails. It was to keep her safe so that she wouldn't start crying in the class, right? So now we start to see the wisdom from that and see how this is going to transform for your client. Once they can understand why they started a process, we can find out how to change it and heal it. So now you're in that second position, a second part of transformation, you're accessing the higher self, and really understanding and starting to look at the wisdom of what's happening for you in that. Once you get in and you understand what the wisdom is, then you can say, Okay, if I keep doing this process, step number three, if I keep doing this where I'm biting my nails all the time, where this is always happening, if I don't heal this piece in my life... And I know biting nails is silly, but think about if you're doing this with someone, I use this for trauma work. And I had a client, more than one that I have been through human trafficking. Can you imagine the power and the impact when we can change their story around that? So it's just the nail biting that we're talking about now, but this is still powerful in any situation. So now you say, "Okay, if I don't quit biting my nails, what is the possible future consequence is?" So you take them now into what doesn't exist yet but could exist because there's a range of possibilities. And I like to take my clients sometimes, even into the, what I call, the worst case scenario. So what's the worst case scenario that you could have with biting your nails? Well, you could bite your nails so bad that you end up biting off your fingertip and that'll end you in the hospital, and then after you land in the hospital, you get an infection, and the infection keeps you from going to work, and then you lose your job and you end up homeless, and then because you're homeless, you become a prostitute and end up in jail, right? Like totally ridiculously crazy future possibility, right? But when you look at going into the future, you can see where if you don't change the way that you're doing or creating things right now, how it can affect everything and everyone in your future. And so you look at that future possibility, you look at those things and then you say, "What do I want instead? How can I create this into something different instead?" So then I have them go into, what I call, creative visualization. I have them, say, "Okay, I see myself not biting my nails anymore. I see myself with beautiful long fingernails, and nice polish, and wearing a beautiful dress, and hanging out." And you have them sit into that and really visualize and see that experience for themselves. And by creating that new visualization, we can replace the one that they have and have them change that. Now how does this work? Let's talk about it in the aspect of health and weight loss. They say that only 2% of people actually succeed in losing weight. And they go on diets and all these things. Why is that? Because a person that is overweight sees themselves as overweight. So even though they lose the weight, they still see themselves as the overweight person. Our brain and our mind think in pictures, not in thoughts. So if I lose 20 pounds but I still see myself as 20 pounds heavier, eventually, my body is going to go back to that extra 20 pounds no matter what I do. And the same thing happening here is with the finger nail biting. Unless you can see yourself having it be different, it's not going to be different. So we want to create that perceptual change for the client by actually having them see it different. This is a huge part of transformation. If they cannot see themselves with the change, if they cannot see themselves cancer free, if they cannot see themselves as an awesome athlete going to the Olympics if that's what they want to do, if you can't see yourself standing on stage and presenting to 2,000 people, you're never going to be able to do it. So what you want to do is is you want to create this place in the future where you can see it, and then we take that creative visualization and we integrate it back into right now. You can go into the past, you can go into the future, but if you don't know how to integrate it back into your life today, then all it is is another type of therapy. And when you all you have is another type of therapy, you're not going to actually change the way that you want to, and true transformation is about integration into the present. So what is that? Gratitude integration, that's like gratitude through trauma. Understanding, "Oh, you know, I had a little trauma around biting my nails when I was five. How can I integrate that back in and learn that it was just about me being afraid and not wanting to cry? And where in my life now, when I'm biting my nails, am I trying to keep myself safe? How can I appreciate myself for being in this space right now? Or when I'm losing the weight, and I can see myself with the weight loss, and integrate it back in, and then create the positive intentions and the practices right now, then put the resources back into this time." And so you can actually take the resources from the future, so when you see yourself in that with less weight, that 20 pounds less, who are you being? What are you doing differently? How are you acting? How are you reacting? Those are ways that you can bring resources from trending, from going to the future, from that creative visualization and bring it back to today. What are you doing differently? What advice can you give yourself? What things can you source so that you can integrate them into today? And then you fully bring all of those pieces into your client's body, into their experience, have them see it, feel it, have it replace the old negative picture that they have that was from there before, have them get rid of that and really stand in it. And then step number five is you take those pieces, that masterpiece, those lessons, and you apply them, action application. Because then you've set the body up for success, you've set up the mind for success, the brain's ready to go, but you still got to work on it, you still got to keep moving forward otherwise you could slip back, sometimes, it's not immediate transformation and it could be... There's this in between. So you give them actions, you give them things that they can apply in their lives from what they've learned. And these are their actions. This is not what you think they should be doing, but by listening through those first four steps you all have seen and figured out exactly what are the things that their future self and that creative visualization is telling them to do, and you can bring those applications back in. Give them about three. I say no more than three to start with, one is always great and you don't have to have anymore than that, but what can they start doing right away as they're seeing themselves in this new way that they can create that in their lives for that healing. So action application is so important, it ties everything together. And this five step process of transformation will allow you to help your clients heal any type of problem or conflict. I know I've used it all over the world and I've used it in some of the most traumatic of situations and some of the simplest situations, from nail biting to human trafficking. I guarantee you it's a process that if you take your clients through it, you will see massive healing, massive transformation, and make some huge changes, and you will create a tribe that will follow you to the end of the earth and you'll have the impact and the income that you desire.

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The 5 Step Process for True Transformation_Final

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