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Low Hanging Fruit- NEW

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>> In this lecture, we're going to talk about what we call Low-Hanging Fruit. So you know how when you go apple-picking, there are apples all over the tree. Some are so high that you can't get them without climbing the tree or getting a ladder, but others are within easy reach of where you're standing. The low-hanging fruit in your business are the opportunities that exist within an arm's reach, just like those apples. The little things you know you can do that will yield results without much effort. Often, we create more work for ourselves by trying to drum up new leads instead of going for the warm leads that already exist. What I mean by this is that we can easily waste time trying to market ourselves more, promote ourselves more on social media instead of reaching out to the people who have already expressed interest in working with us or maybe even sharing and promoting our work. For example, maybe you have a chiropractor friend who has said that you can teach wellness classes in his office, but you haven't followed up with him to get an event on the books. This is a prime example of a warm lead or low-hanging fruit. Low-hanging fruit could also be someone who has expressed interest in working with you but who has not signed up for a Health History yet. Or possibly someone who did a Health History with you and didn't sign up because of lack of funds, but they encourage you to check in with them in a little bit. There are all kinds of opportunities that exist in our network if only we look for them and seize them. These not only save us time from trying to find new leads, they also allow us to take more immediate action so we can start seeing results in our businesses in the form of new clients or other paid gigs. So to recap, we discussed the idea that there are lots of opportunities that currently exist in your network, and that these are the most high leverage actions you can take. Instead of spending your energy accumulating new leads, you can simply take action by following up on those opportunities that already exist. Use the Low-Hanging Fruit worksheet in this module to write at some of the opportunities that currently exists for you and what you can do to start leveraging these opportunities. It could be anything like business cards from a networking meeting that you need to follow up with, maybe sending out an email to family and friends asking them to sign up for a Health History or share it with their friends. You could even email your employer asking about presenting wellness workshops or asking someone in your network to connect you with a potential referral partner, client, or media opportunity. In this module and throughout the program, we want you to be always thinking of ways you can utilize that low-hanging fruit in your business. Now this isn't just a one and done method, there are opportunities that exist day in and day out. Keep checking in and make a list of what you can do to leverage your low-hanging fruit on a daily basis.

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Low Hanging Fruit- NEW

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