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Finding 9 RedBalloons in the world

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In 2009, 10 red balloons were scattered across the United States as part of DARPA's Network Challenge to expose the roles of internet and social networking through balloon-tracking at stake is $40,000 prize money with more than 4,000 participants DARPA officially set the challenge for up to 9 days. but students from MIT succeeded within 9 hours of launch How did the team from MIT team did so in the span of 9 hours? Through the power of collective intelligence of social media network and rewarding even the smallest contributions from people although they may not entirely solve it which makes people feel good about participating. Wouldn’t it be appealing to apply such incredible experiments within a company? On January 2011, Samsung Electronics HQ launched a similar challenge to track 9 balloons which were moored across the globe In Korea, China, US, Britain, Austria with over 460 participants Instead of using SNS such as Twitter, Facebook only intranet Mail and Messenger were utilized The results for the challenge hunt came in 2 Hours for South Korea (5 balloons) while outside Korea (4 balloons) it took 45 hours! which is longer than DARPA. However attendees trying to find them were in working time constraints and it also varies among participating countries. Although it’s likely similar to DARPA, it entails some differences. DARPA’s balloon-hunt worked in public open space While that of Samsung took off within limited space near of employees seat DARPA, had a huge sum of prize money that is $40,000 Samsung, with too little amount of $100 cash prize promoted initiatives through internal motivation instead of monetary. DARPA seemingly worked out viral marketing strategies while Samsung, for solving creative problem within organizations, through individual communications and spreading experiments for collaborations and volunteers sent emails to people who they know well creating chain connections of people connected by mail spreading messages is very similar with the nature of human relationships that is, people are communicating through interconnected social fiber within the organization Organizations and companies are now treating various open problems with no solid answer This balloon-hunt challenge presents how communicating through individual networks within the organization is much more effective in solving creative problems [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] me who merely tends to be a component of the organization me as a part of a team everything changes now as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]! everywhere needed my talents "@me!" It’s the Age of Social Media! connecting your ideas is key to the future. like RedBalloons Project, put your ideas in the balloons and challenge everyone In 45 hours, or even within 2 hours You can find the solutions!

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: TEDxSamsung Sangtae Bae
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Posted by: flapancy on Feb 15, 2011

Samsung Electronics's Finding RedBalloons Incredible Project!

we put 9 Balloons in the world of samsung electronics, how do you find them all? it can be? how do you think?

the result? watch the clip!

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