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Dolphin Crisis

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Dolphin Crisis - Mermaid Hi, my name is mermaid and I'm here to communicate about, the dolphin crisis that is developing within and as this world and that dolphins might become extincted faster than anyone could have ever imagined or expected I am currently, incarnated within and as the manifested expression of me as a dolphin, within and as this world there are human beings hunting dolphins- within the ocean not by hunting them, with boats upon the surface of the ocean but hunting them, from underneath, the ocean there are specific divers that have specific human beings- as divers that have devices which they used, to scan for dolphins underneath the ocean and then what they would do, is they will present themselves as being mere- fisherman and they would utilize their technology, actually dive exactly as deep sea fishing they have these machines that allow them to actually be in a little pod and within which they lie down straight and they maneuver this entire contraption and at, the head in the front is this steal metallic rod, that they would shoot out and target, when was in the presence of dolphins underneath the ocean and they will literally drag and would be able to drag this dolphin, to the shores and then from the shores, they take them to the- facilities to accordingly be sold, on the black market this is being done, in specific places, within this world where dolphin hunting has been proclaimed as illegal and what is even more fascinating is that these pods with which they are able to, it is to explain it more specifically is like mini- submarines, but for one being or one person only specifically designed, for the hunting of dolphins underneath the ocean and there are even cargo ships, that are supporting this within this world where the human beings would load, their mini-submarine pods, onto the cargo ships use their devices to scan for dolphins move out into the ocean hunt the dolphins drag them to the shore and there you have it that is currently, what is busy happening to the dolphins within and as the ocean within and as this world and it's become quite a means of- making money and it's interesting alright, that is all about the dolphin crisis within this world currently that is developing thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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Duration: 5 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: South Africa
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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