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WRI InternRecruitmentVideo Final Approval-SD

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Wolfram is a place of great innovation. If you want to do world-changing work, Wolfram is a great place to start your career. Here at Wolfram we really make room for passionate and talented students. We treat our interns just as we treat our full time employees. We really hold them to a high standard and really invest in them. Our interns are really plugged into real projects. They do real work. You come to work very excited every day because you know you are surrounded by talented people and friendly people and you get use very advanced technology here. If I could describe it in three words it would be: challenging, exciting, and rewarding. It is very exciting to work on the cutting edge of computation technology that Wolfram is involved in working with. Overall, it was a very very good experience that I had over the summer. Wolfram has been an extremely unique opportunity for me –mostly because of the fact that here I’ve been able to actually have a true technical recruiting internship. Here at Wolfram, I source talent, so I go out and find people for the open positions that we have. I conduct interviews and I then connect those candidates to hiring managers who are looking for those positions. I’ve been in the Wolfram Technology Group and what I’ve been mostly doing is responding to our clients’ emails of all the technical questions that they may have using our products, mostly Mathematica. I work on Wolfram’s ARC and ERP system. So if I were to say what ERP is to IT, it’s like what the nervous system is to the human body. It basically connects the entire IT departments throughout the organization and bridges them. If feel that I want to start up a new program, automatically my manager isn’t going to stop me from doing it. In fact, he’s going to encourage me. And that’s one of the things I like— that innovation is encouraged at Wolfram. It’s awesome to have all this responsibility dumped on you and just to be able to be able to impact so much. I’m Wolfram Alpha chemistry developer so I get to work on everything from chemicals, ions, elements, reactions— it’s a gigantic database with a big framework and I just get to sit chemistry nice and neatly and expand it everywhere in Wolfram Alpha. Don’t feel hesitant to apply even though your major is not computer science or engineering or physics or math degree because as a food science major here I feel I can contribute to the team in my perspective. I would advise all prospective interns to take initiatives whenever possible. It’s been a really great experience. The HR team has been really helpful. I love hearing about what they want to be when they grow up. From that point on, it’s really my job to really ensure that they’re internship aligns with their career path here at our company. Some of our best employees started out as interns here at Wolfram and I think that is, again, a little bit unique to Wolfram. We have people at all levels of the company who came in as students, made their mark, and stayed because it is a great place to be.

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Posted by: wolfram on Apr 20, 2015

WRI InternRecruitmentVideo Final Approval-SD

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