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A Laser Technology

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Hi, my dear friends I'm Jinsha Basheer, Today I'm introducing a hospital infront of you.. Lotus Eye Hospital and institute situated in Kadavanthra, Kochi. Lots of people suffering from eye problems around us. They are using either specs or contact lens. To over come all these eye problems and to get complete eye sight Introducing a treatment first time in Kerala by Lotus Eye Hospital Kochi, name "Relex Smile" its only takes 10 min time to get full eyes sight back and this treatment is known as Relex Smile. Remember that the people who comes. in between 18-40 will get effective result. Short sight or hraswa drishti, long sight or deerkha drishti Astigmatism or vishamadrishti people who suffering from any of these problems can make this treatmnet useful. ,Relex smile is the advanced version of lasik. This treatment does not require rest, that is if you undergo relex smile treatment you can rejoin your work in the very next day. spend only one day for treatment. Lots of people suffering from eye sight problems around us. Let all of them remove their specs and contact lens and join with us without any eye wearings. Lotus eye hospital bring this treatment first time in Kerala. so that, no body is much aware of this treatment. This treatment is going on here for the past one year. I came to know regarding the treatment a few days back and enquired directly. I confirmed its genuinity and sharing this video with you. Please share Maximum. You can call the hospital and get the details of fees and everything regarding the treatment. you can talk to doctors also. I'm including the number, address and web address along with this video. So I will back with informative videos for you. Don't forget to like my page "Jinsha Basheer" and also subscribe my youtube channel will meet with a new video, till then Bye.

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Posted by: lotusads on Oct 29, 2019

Relex Smile is a laser technology by Lotus Eye Hospital for Long sight, Short Sight.

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