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Cloudsuite vangelder V2

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Van Gelder is a company that handles fresh fruits and vegetables. It's a family business. We deal with the marketing of fruits and vegetables... on a daily basis. Day-fresh products. Our mission is to deliver products as fresh as possible... and as easily as possible, to our clients. E-commerce is a part of this. It's becoming ever more important. 95% of our clients find us via online channels. They complete the orders online too. We were looking for a new e-commerce partner... because our old partner wasn't developing in line with... the changes in the market. We were looking for a platform that can facilitate our clients... in all phases of the buying process. We liked CloudSuite because of the people we... came in contact with, but also because they are a real challenger... to the high-end platforms, in my opinion. However, the barrier to entry is lower, which meant we could... come to terms with the platform much easier. One of the unique functionalities of our website is the... order and delivery time functionality, which allows the client to see the delivery dates and our stock... based on agreements we make with them... so they know at what point in time they should order to ensure... their order is received on time. Our website was a real hit with our clients. The customer satisfaction was higher because the... ordering process was simplified. On the other hand they were very happy with the knowledge... we shared on the platform. Van Gelder is literally building the future here. We are building a logistics center here... where we will be optimally mechanizing... and automating our logistics. Before this, we developed an "experience center"... where we show the fresh experience... to the world, just as we are doing... on our website. I would describe CloudSuite as able, professional and progressive.

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Posted by: cloudsuite on Sep 19, 2018

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