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Belinda Galiano Brings Campus Party To Silicon Valley

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The idea of ​​Campus Party was people that was passionate about new technologies and that we were starting to connect all to the net There was a group of people that didn't meet up, that didn't... that had passions but didn't meet... there were no events that provoked that gathering and it really was something so simple as saying we have to organize this mega-party of people like us and simply gather and be together and do things From such a basic idea as that one to say, ok, we are interested in all those topics why don't we do an event that makes people come with their computers and we connect them in a network and we do activities or a program of activities practically during the 24 hours about topics, well, from astronomy to the world of gaming or to the world of design... and that's how we started But of course, the big party when we started making numbers costs a lot of money. We dedicate to make very well the content. The content in Campus Party is divided in three big blocks In conferences, pure and hardcore from people from the world of each of the areas of Campus Party which are interesting to the public we do activities with workshops and challenges where people really go and even do a collaborative challenge a program challenge or a challenge of anything that makes that it ends in a competition. I compete for a prize but what you really give them is a set of very broad challenges. The content is fundamental and in the end Campus Party nurtures itself from a series of people or "campuseros", how we call them, with great talent that attract others and they really start to use the event to really share that knowledge and make out the most not only as learning but to get to know, to network, with the others. We invite and we share everything through the Internet. Through our own channels through our deals with communities, we have more than 500 communities associated to the Campus Party program through universities and there is where we focus on telling in a very segmented way, the content to a niche which is attracted to that content. Then we... we don't go crazy doing advertisement or general press releases. We believe in niche communications. Because if you're interested in the program I want to go with a message with powerful content to attract you. I won't tell you things that probably you're not interested in. Campus is for them like a big technological city where you enter on a Monday morning to an event in which you'll coexist during 7 days, 24 hours in which you sleep, eat and relate in a more natural way like in any other place in the world or on the street, in a coffee store but then all the activities that we create for them are group activities and then we stimulate of course meetings for example of companies and youngsters or entrepreneurs that have a proyect and we give them stages or spaces to make that networking happen. Campus Party has 17 stages live with workshops but then they have kind of chillout areas that's how we call them than are really, well, that very similar to a Starbucks where you might find a sofa, a few tables just inserted in the heart of the Campus arena where they can produce those meetings even by themselves. Then we also have initiatives like Barcamps where people meet and do unconferences All the event in itself can provoke gatherings and can provoke that networking zone. San Francisco is the cradle of technology is the heart, right? We've been dreaming... going to the USA, to San Francisco, for 3 years. I remember a trip that another of my partners and cofounder of Campus had he landed at the San Francisco Airport, he was on his way to the city and he passed by some NASA facilities and he saw some spectacular hangars and he fell in love with the place and he said "Wow, how cool would it be in a country like the USA... make Campus Party at NASA's hangars" inside the NASA facilities And that was great as an idea we were in the middle of our expansion and that dream, that point we were aiming for stayed a bit asleep until more or less one year ago we decided that yes, we had to go. The process has been long because it's been negotiations with NASA during 8 months until they finally gave us an ok. After going several times to San Francisco I see that there are many events from this world, from what happens at Campus Party but they are very themed events, very exclusive and very "excluding" they think more in themselves, right? There are a lot of events one after the other but they are like their own. Campus Party is not like that. Campus Party is very collaborative. If Campus Party does not have all the agents it needs, it does not happen. I think that can be completely different to what happens in San Francisco. From a much more individual way to a way or an event that's going to be collective. You don't see events with 10,000 people that live together 7 days 24 hours in a big technological city. Events don't happen every day inside NASA Events don't happen in which our three coaches that in a way you could consider the fathers of the Internet like Tim Berners-Lee, Vinton Cerf and Al Gore are the coaches that invite in a way those sons that are now consuming the networks to participate in an event. And people are passionate about the Campus concept When we got there and told them people were surprised. So I think we will be successful The great success of Campus is really not just about the content not only all we offer them it is that you meet each other as equals.

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Belinda Galiano, Co-founder of Campus Party, shares how they are preparing to enter the USA with Campus Party Silicon Valley, that will take place in 2012.

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