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Almine - Childhood Memory Implants

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If u are , if you newly come in and you , or you come in somewere in your teens or lateteens , u will have unreal feeling and in some cases were u have not , were the programing hasn't be able to stink because u are very anty programing u havee been antyautority because thats what the original wants were told , don't go in there and have people to tell you how to live only go when u yourself are awakent to be inspired to bring out that which is allready with in you so .. so when spirit try to put program in there or even to unprogram u tent to reject it , so you have memory gaps now there is a second thing that is very important for those if you that it had rather horrible childhoods ® and that is that the moment you come trow the tunnels like the moment your unconscious. that is the moment that the memories that you prepared for you that of a childhood that you didn't have as one of the major major God beings in the flesh on earth is temp cand be terpered whit by the shadow beings and they can put the most hurific memories in your childhood , to damage your enouf that you cant function in all the exquizit majesty and beauty that is the devine that u are so did it really happened or did it not , we treated as there woud happened , because regardless if it still puting you strings , we need to deal whit it weather is a memory real , unreal everything , we know and describe and define is simply a mature of a degree of unrealness beacause was is truely real we cannot really be soaking about at all , and the next thing to the (inconsider ?) so a) the bad memories that you do have may not even been real you shoud treath theme as unreal even know you shoud be working whit theme or you can have no memories and that is fine too now there is third thing why , for instance memories are just blocked out , and that is because if bad things happened to you durring that time u are so supprested , that you you wont be remembering at thins point case stundies actually shown that just exposure to a corpses , by a little child woud split theme . I worked whit a sister who , very dearly beloved to Simon and my self , who eventualy died of cancer and put up an incredible valium fight as a light worker that it came from witnessing a murder when she was two years old she three years old she stoud up in a long night dress on the edge of her bed , she could just peek throw the window and the bathroom was an outhouse in the back in the dark and she was always , was scared to go in the night beacause , she ha.. , three years old had to go by herself outside in the dark to go potty well one night she look out and she saw that the car , car party on front porch the one man have been hit whit a bottle over the head and the other two , which was one of them been theyr primary caretaker was putting the body and dumping it in the river from that point on she completely wet her bed because she was to scared to ever ever go out in the back yard , in case she becomes a corpes but it made a tumor one event coud be enouf to cause trauma enouf that we lose a hole chack of years it toked me days to get her to remember her childhood . now there were other bad things but this is one of the primary causes So , in your case there is memories but you have blocked the memories. other memories implants ? Yes . but we treat theme in in getting rid of there influence , as though they are real even thou we know they are not

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Posted by: nicacristian on Jun 16, 2014

alimne spreaks about the Original Ones and childhood memory implants , illustrating how one memory , whether real or unreal - can destroy the body

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