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Life of a Student in America

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Hello everyone, my name is Mai Anh Srisuk I am a 3rd year student at Northeastern University in Boston At Northeastern, we have a lot of International Students From Africa to Asia, the students are from various countries I believe that everyone have their own story And the reason why they came here is also different too Today, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine Her name is Yiyin Chen When we talk, my first question for her is why she came to america "What was her expectation of America?" What are her dreams and hopes coming here to America? She believes that the difference between China and the United States in education speaking of the United States, she thought of the eagle and American ginseng. When asked about her hopes and dreams, she hopes that she will eventually succeed in school and will find a good job in the future. After graduating, she wanted to find a job related to her profession, especially in the marketing and internet industry brand promotion. After hearing her answer, I remembered why I came to the United States. I came here because I wanted to achieve high academic achievements make my family happy and find a good job after graduation. Second, I talked to her about some of the challenges she faced in the United States The challenges she faces include The first is the language barrier because her English was not good at first. The two countries have different languages ​​and different ways of thinking When I recalled some of the difficulties I encountered when I first arrived in the United States, I remembered how much I was homesick and how some cultural features of the United States were different from those of Vietnam. In addition, everything here is more expensive than at home I want to stick to my dreams, so I have to adapt to this. Lastly, I asked her to recall when she was 17 Back to when she was still applying for colleges in America I asked her to give herself, and other students who wants to come to America to study Some tips and suggestions, what she would do differently She suggested that we should find a job that we love cherish the people around us, and love our life Find a hobby that you enjoy, find the right energy and people Your life will become better and better After completing the interview with her, I learned a lot about her experiences in America and China She makes me reflect on my purpose here, and the challenges I faced coming to America Although we might face a lot of challenges, she made me realized that we are very lucky to have this opportunity to come here Even though the challenges we face might seem too much somedays We, as international students, must do our best to realized how lucky we are to work hard and to overcome these challenges In order to achieve great results

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