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Side Effects (2013)

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(Emily) I loved everything about him. His hands, and the way he smelled. He swept me off my feet. (Dr.) So what happened? To a lot of people, you say insider trading - it may as well be murder. [man laughing] Let's get out of here before they change their mind. I'm going to put you some medication. We'll get you through this. She looks amazing! She's doing well. These make me sick to my stomach. We'll find something else. (Martin) I can get us back to where we were. I promise. I can make that happen. (Emily) Okay, baby. So you're feeling better? Yes. Much better. [3 beeps] (operator) 911, what's your emergency? (Emily) I need help! Someone's been murdered. (cop) No sign of forced entry, nobody else in the building. Security cameras, she made the 911 call all by herself. (Dr.) Where is her lawyer? She doesn't have one. Just kept talking about you. (reporter) Here he is! Did you know that your husband was treating Emily Taylor? (Dr. Victoria) I saw her four years ago. I'll be happy to see her have a different kind of experience. Ma'am, what is going on? Somebody else did it, and made it look like me. It's going to follow you around forever. The Ablixa was her idea! Whoever makes this drug is going to be rich. Either she's a murderer, or she's a victim. (Dr. Jon) You knew everything about Eblixer? Guys down on Wall Street are cashing in because of what happened. How do you know that? Everyone knows. Everyone knows everything, John. Hey! Wait! Wait? For this? To happen again? (Dr. Jon) These prove everything. Destroy that before it destroys you. [Captions by]

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