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Last Girl First Strengthening a global movement

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The Last Girl is someone who is poor, who is female, who is a teenager In India, she's Dalit, backward caste, backward class. In America she's black. In Canada she could be an indigenous woman. In Europe, sadly, today she could be a refugee. She exists everywhere. In the words of one survivor, "Prostitution- we do not choose prostitution. Prostitution chooses us. And those of us who have been prostituted, we face lifetimes of physical and sexual male violence. And the great majority of us have had multiple abusers growing up. We flee from our homes and our communities to escape this male violence. Plus the violence of poverty. And we end up in cities were we are preyed upon by pimps. We are physically assaulted and raped and prostituted, continuously, in overwhelming numbers. We are hunted down." Being a trade unionist, I must say doing work and labor is a matter of dignity. You cannot compare exploitation of somebody in mere compulsive situations to that of a dignity of labor. Parce que ce type de loi ne passe pas sans des argumentaires tres solides.//Because this kind of law does not pass without very solid arguments. Des chiffres, des statistiques, des etudes medicales, des etudes de sante.//Numbers, statistics, medical studies, studies on health. des etudes d'ete moin age. Les travaux de chercheur. Mais aussi, on s'ait appuyer sur l'existant et sur la loi swedase. Qui nous a, on est alle en suede, voir les suedoir, il veut y savait dix ans de loi, elles en avaient faire une evaluation donc on pouvez apporter un exemple conrete du loi qui marcher. I've spoken to the general assembly of the United Nations in front of the Senate of Foreign Relations, committee of the United States Congress, and I believe that this is indeed the most powerful room in which I have ever stood, because the folks in here know that we should put the Last Girl first.

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Held Jan 29 - 31 2017 in New Delhi, India.
The Last Girl First: Second World Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Women & Girls.

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