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CFS Campaign 2013: A Real Solution For World Hunger

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This video was not produced by Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS). It is a personal expression intended to help support and promote the CFS campaign. "Poverty is the worst form of violence" ~ Mahatma Ghandi 27,000 to 30,000 people die every day due to poverty. Thats around 19 people dying every minute. 1 in 12 people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under five. Poverty claims a life every 3.6 seconds. Over 9,000,000 people die worldwide each year because of hunger and malnutrition. 5,000,000 of which are children. When we see these disturbing images, it triggers intense emotions inherently within us. We have a natural urge to want to help our fellow human being and it is intrinsically within us to feel compassion towards one another. We have seen decades upon decades of similar footage like this, and yet nothing has changed. It pains to observe this, while we undergo a sense of guilt, for our inability to act accordingly while left downhearted, as our efforts seem to be helpless. Poverty has been a major issue regarding the well-being and development of humanity and as generations come and go, it has remained unresolved for centuries. In a world where we have achieved unbelievable feats, such as develope the abilities to take us into space and to view our planet from the heavens, to see our world from a distance, in its entirety. In a world where we have built telescopes, powerful enough to allow us to gaze deep into the infinite cosmos. Where we have traveled across our solar system and successfully landed probes on martian landscapes, to examine its planet and then send its discoveries back to earth for analysis. In a world where some of the greatest minds have come together and succeeded to collide particles at near light speed in an attempt to discover the very fabric and secrets of the universe. In a world where we have created a global communication network where information flows freely where there are no borders separating us and knowledge is shared throughout mankind whilst collectively growing at an exponential rate. In a world where we are connecting all around the globe and in the process coming closer together, as a species. In a world like this we need to ask ourselves, how have we not yet been able to cater for the basic needs of one another and what is the reason for nearly half the world deprived from the sufficient amount of resources needed in order to survive appropriately. Is there any way that we can apply our technical advancements, to find a real viable solution to such an ongoing atrocity? Today poverty is not just unnecessary, it is an unacceptable reality that is part of our culture and due to the general lack of awareness of what is technically feasible, it has become somewhat accepted by mankind. We seem to assume that this is just the way it is and that nothing can be done about it. By all means there are countless charities and organizations that have been around for a while, that have donated money to help poorest areas but by now it is clear to see, that it dosen't and hasn't changed much overall and in the long run it fails to tackle the problem from a broader perspective. If we address the issue from a different angle, we find that its not money that people need, it is the access to food and resources, directly through local means. It's time we think outside the box and find a way to give people access to resources, by utilising our technological understandings and scientific knowledge we have gained to this day to create an abundance of food and basic necessities that people need to survive. In our world billions of dollars are spent on aid and investment, billions of words are spoken, written, promising change and a billion people still go hungry every day. Now as a citizen of the world, I find myself asking, why is this? Is it that we need more money? Or do we need to find more effective ways of spending what money we have? Or do we need an entirely new approach, to preventing hunger world wide? Cybernated Farm Systems is a water based farming system, that uses aquaponics. Aquaponics is the ability to grow plants, fruits and vegetables without the use of soil. The traditional methods of agriculture are not ideal for the surrounding landscapes that tend to be common in deprived areas. These aquaponic farm buildings are highly automated and self-sustaining. That are about 464 m² in size, solar and wind powered with a battery-bank-backup-system. Imagine having such robust system in an area where the land is entirely arid and dead. They are completely self regulating, collecting their own water, maintaining their own energy balance and they only need a minimal infusion of extra nutrients. Because being aquaponic means, that they have a small fish farm build in them. Therefore fish food is supplied with every building. The fish produce waste, which first travels trough a sedimentation filter that takes the solids out and then goes through a bio-filter where there are two types of bacteria that converts the ammonia from the waste into nitrites and nitrates. The nitrate-rich water is then feed to all the plants and in the process cleaning the water. The clean water is then pumped back to the fishtanks along with the microbes from the plants which the fish will then feed on, so the whole process can repeat again. This in turn creates a closed loop system. The water is living with all sorts of microbes so it reflects the water we see in nature in the real world. these farm buildings in essence, have recreated their own miniature ecosystem. If we could build just one of these farm buildings at a chosen location, enough food could be produced to continuously feed up to 600 people with six to seven different types of fruits and vegetables, each. As a result, giving local food production to sustain the people of a community in need. For the first time in history we have the means to spread ideas and information globally, without the obstructive notion of countries that separate us. The occupy wall street movement began in New York, quickly spreading across the U.S. to Los Angeles, Denver and Washington among others; and since gone global. Internet is in fact us, the people who use it. So when a message sweeps through the internet whether its some, funny tweet or something of world wide significant or something that is very moving. It's sweeps through, because we are, we we are passing the message from one person to another. "The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." ~ Eric Schmid When we come together and speak out with one voice, towards a common cause we can achieve anything. We no longer have to look to our governments to solve all of our problems. We the people have the power and tools through global connectivity to come together and share world changing ideas and values with millions to create a reality that can truly make a difference. We need to ask ourselves, what needs to be done with this ever growing form of collective communication that we possess, right at our our fingertips. If we have this power, then we have a responsibility to use it. Imagine if enough of us instead donated towards this real, tangible solution, where we are able to see exactly where the money goes. The CFS campaigns mission is not only to install these facilities to communities in need but also to educate and teach them, to operate and manage their facility. Giving them the expertise to sustain it and therefore their very own way of life. If we help this campaign succeed in its first stage to develop its initial prototype system, they can test it and get it ready for full scale production. CFS needs to raise $450,000 in order to initiate the first stage of development. It may sound like a stretch, but its not much considering that 400 million pounds was spent just online in the UK alone, during the boxing day sales last year. Once we put things into perspective and see where our priorities lie. It's obvious to see what must to be done. This can't be ignored any longer. Especially now armed with the knowledge, that we can solve this if we all come together. Please share this video everywhere and help it go viral. The more people that know about this campaign, the sooner we can start saving lives around the world. Let us be the first generation to make a difference and lead the way to a new beginning

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