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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~15:15:58 - 15:31:22

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They came but they were having a grumpy face. Yeah, I know. I guess they were wondering why it had to be Saturday, so... Most places are open on Sunday, right? Then, at least on Saturday... It was like they were wondering why Sunday isn't good... but... I can tell that it is clear but... It's ok because I understand but... The leaders that don't understand are a bit confused. Too bad because so many of them came, you know. That is exactly right. They decided to come because they trust you. Right, so that we can work together. We will have to keep supporting that from now on as much as we can. Yes, I want to give them but / figure it out... So all the adults are... (Coming of age day?) because they will be supporting them honestly, if they would consider us just as they do the scouts yes, if that would be possible then, another leader who is also working full-time said well, I don't think it matters anymore wow, the leaders of the school kids a little, just a little, extend the scouts that, old, business I just don't know... one thing, in the beginning, I was at the center of 145 I was doing that, but in reality the leaders until the leaders didn't even have to be there the kids that didn't join, and whatnot there are cases like that, that's what I was thinking about that is true, the leaders don't really... having to say "do this" and "do that" is a little... so, the regional leaders should... perhaps being more particular or picky is good correct but, for example, if the leader herself has intention the things that are decided upon at this time should be followed for instance, time, not saying that the afternoons are open for free time they should tell them that we only go until 3pm but, the girls, I think they'd consider it then when then tell them that there is free time... then, there are people that say [what!] when you tell them time yeah, thats...its like a little / yeah that's right it will become the main, and with vigor... first we should say we want to take time to do things carefully I want them to say that but, maybe there will be complaints, or something like that or, like, well, they'll get short tempered right, they will, if only there were a better plan depending on the case, I don't know if they will very involved the way to put out is regular, right? with that, we already said it was not acceptable it all came out quickly that way, it was a bit like "is this ok" but you know, from that there is discouragement now, you should take it off, as a leader as much as possible, spread it out as much as possible I knew it, that / Rumi / with the Elementary kids / yes, yes / make sure that you can get together did you do it? where are you going to put it? that's good, anywhere today, all this stuff, I said not to write here, if we could write just a bit more, here, about one per space or it feels a bit lonely, here like this yes, yes the adult leaders, this is their bad part, really there is a precise thought about it I feel well, I think it is fine like that but to apply that to everything is a bit... the social service, basically the central office is where it all... perhaps, they see a lot at the locations they are watching but, a lot of wisdom can come from it you know when looking, you can see the meaning is really different that's the problem, if we had a better plan it would come together better how can we figure this better, what can we do but, we did well making this plan yes, they will do it too right, where they couldn't do the district lessons they put out these plans and at first it was just training for the leaders / right they asked to spread that out to the district lessons it was good, it was good and another head also said so now, this is not a district lesson without knowing about anything If we are going to do some activities in the club in February as usual, I would like to ask them what they are going to do. That meas I guess you don't need to hand them in. The district project is performed once in 2 years recently... Then I guess we have to... can't be helped... And, scouts are... If you care about scouts... I wish, you know... there were more... If we could recruit some young ones... it would be better. But we can't call another meeting, you know. I know. Nobody says something like that for me. The leader of the club needs to... When I was talking about the story of the young leader, I mentioned that as a helper the young leader is going to help you, and I also asked them they need to recruit rangers. Then, they said we still don't have any meetings for senior rangers this year and when we were at that age, we used to have meetings for senior rangers, so they were saying we should create some times for meetings of senior rangers. We were saying we may be going to recruit some rangers who can work with stuffs together as helpers on the day for now. We are hoping we can recruit some rangers from that as a start. Of course, in January... Yes, of course I would like them to participate... We have already... about... Doing it for real and just making up the plan is totally... We should hand them in as early as I can about supporting rangers in September. So, we will be able to prove it. Leaders in the group #18 and young leaders all tell me if I ask those who comes on the day, they will do it for me appropriately. I think for the group #18, it was totally ok for them. And the group #109, yes, mother... I think it's going to be ok... If we are going to do it by divisions, we need to give the same information in the same span, otherwise it wouldn't be good. And we have to recruit some rangers by then. I mean it depends on what kind of ... we are going to make, that's the problem. Considering them all..., if... we will have to make it good for sure and hopefully, we will be able to get some hands for this. It takes a lot of work just to make... We need to gather ... with same marks on it properly. So, in the simple way... Especially, if we think about going out somewhere, we need to give one more wheelchair per a group, and we need to let them have their own responsibility about it. But before that, we need to lecture them about the operation of wheelchairs and important reminders at the meeting with everybody. We will try... So, it will take some time... And after we confirm it for sure everybody is ready, we will give a wheelchair per a group. I felt like it may be possible to go out somewhere. I wonder it'd be better it's per a group... So, to go out somewhere, it can be possible... And we will have to lecture them. The time of the lecture... - Yes. So, no matter what, it cannot be done as soon as we open the meetings. If we think about the safety, The time of the lecture, and... I mean we have to lecture them properly. Leaders and scouts know... for sure. When we go out somewhere, it... And if we give.... to elementary schools, I felt like we will go out... But it will take some time, you know. So, I thought about it. We want to make it happen to go out... And it's not a good time to patrol... I am planning to think some stuff. If it was with you, you know. There are several cases which can happen possibly. Those who can do that is the leader's club, I believe. Because it is you. You do everything without complaining, but... If it was an ordinary young ones, it would be same as young one in the group #18. They told us they don't want to do it. They kind of told us they don't want to do it. Really, so are you just gonna keep tolerate them? I really don't care no matter what they say to me. If you can get over with it, then... We can just be done with this controversy by writing that there are some opinions like this, so I really don't... I know, you are right... It seemed like young ones didn't like it more than me, so... That's true. So on that day, after that, I was glad you held the meeting for young ones. If you didn't have that meeting and disbanded them after that, they all would have gone home as the leader's club, you know. Then it'd be really for sure they won't come to the leader's club no more. Yeah, right? That many people came on that day. So I was glad at least we could have time with you together. I hope they will be easier on young ones this year, I mean... Exactly. Right, you think so too? Yes, I agree with you. You know, young ones who are going to join us soon, it's my ... that they are going to grow up from here. Including Ms. Saito in the group #145. I haven't received any special note from Ms. Saito she is not going to come... Well, all university students are in the middle of the test season right now. So, even the other day, they were telling me the leader's club's schedule is too tough for them. They agreed to come because groups ordered them to go, so they just said yes to it. So, it'll be only on ... days? There were group #18 and #110. And also #20. I was like "Uh oh" because... was at the station again... Everything is fine then. #100 and #20 were together... That's good. Then it was a success. And you know, with everybody ... was good. It was really good. They were doing it until around 11:30, so... Thank you for being there. And even the one didn't show up at the leader's club came even she was late, so... Good. I am glad. Then, that means... was ended. Yeah... OK then, everything is going to be decided on the day and also, I mean, how can I say this... by then, we have to think of stuff... little more... Like for example... At that leader's club, we came up with going out, playing some games and reading, but instead of doing them, like... should we put... back like an example? Like, we are going to do in this pattern if it was indoor... Should make various patterns and present them? Yeah, it's a good idea. If they are going to go... ... is going to be ok. If ... are going to go... We are not sure they can go... including the way it looks... Hmm... If they agree it's ok for them to be indoor, maybe other groups has a limited time too, so they will decide it would be only indoor but... So..., you know... If we try to guess their intentions first, it may be ok just having you... but If you are going to be outside, it will be... so we won't... we can't give it a twist, I think... We can't give a go sign to go out... Yes, that's right. It would be like, oh no... I know, I can't believe this. 300 people can come? But 300 people range is normal for the group #18, so... they say they can deal with it. But all the numbers they usually deal with... But other groups have way less people than them, they said they can't deal with that many people... I think we should rely on the group #18 to deal with that many people. I think they can do better than me, maybe...I hope... And the rest is PTA girls... What? I think PTA girls are much more hassle in my opinion... I agree but they are children too, so we need to treat them properly. There's no special rules on lining up straight or sideways like boys, so... So, especially... We don't have anything to be proud of because we can do... They are just kids. I thought so too. I know, that's why we want ordinary people to patrol together. Yes, young ones agree with the idea too. ... is unorganized and, groups are all unorganized... And we are thinking to put ordinary people too separately. So, if we were doing it here, it would be enough but when we go outside, I am worried whether we can do it with such a limited time.

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