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Invitation for PESCE Mandya

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GENESIS- Creating Values Naveen: "Hello PES, I hope all of you are doing great! I am Naveen and we are form Genesis". Navnith: " Hi PES! This is Navnith from Genesis. Well, you all might be wondering, we have seen these guys before already, what are they doing here right now? and what is Genesis?" Naveen: " Genesis means ORIGIN. we work on the fundamentals. We identify the problems & then rectify it:. Naveen: "We believe that, in the whole process the roles of trainers are very important". Naveen: "and for that reason we have identified the best in the industry & the trainers who will be training you are from premier institutes like IIM, and few of them are form corporates as well NLP certified". Navnith: " We don't believe in the placement exercises that other firms promise. Ours is a very personalized approach". Navnith: "We sit back & analyze each & every students level of skill & help them become better at what we feel they lack. Navnith: "Take for instance, this short term training program, all you 7th semester, PESCE Mandya students, watch out!! because you are going to have, a exhaustive 21 days program which will have daily assessments". Darshith: " What?" Naveen: "Yes, all of you will have 11 daily assessments , 3 major assessments and 1 VIRTUAL DRIVE, at the end. Unlike, other virtual drives we have a twist. what is that? Naveen: " All the students will be exposed to all the rounds in the Virtual drive & people who will be assessing you are form the corporate, who look into the hiring & recruitment process". Darshith: "WHAT??" Naveen: "Yes, thats not all, there is no point in conducting only assessments. We Analyse. The results of your assessments gives us a fair idea, where you stand. Naveen: " Based on that we do question wise analyses, module wise analyses as well the domain wise analyses, & then we identify the weal areas". Naveen: " After identifying the weak ideas, we have dedicated customized training for 2 days, in which relevant modules will be revised, to tackle the weak areas". Navnith: "So, don't forget to register yourselves for the short term program starting on July 5th & make sure you are there form Day 1". Navnith: "Because on that day you will have your BASELINE ASSESSMENTS. Based on which, you will be strategically divided into equipotent groups & each groups will decide which batch you fall under. So please do make sure you are there form Day 1". Naveen: "Our program is heavily reliant on your presence form Day 1. Make sure you are there from the beginning". Navnith: "Having said all that, please do concentrate on your upcoming semester exams & don't worry much about your placements right now, because we are there to take care of it for you. All the Best. Do well !!" ..... Naveen & Navnith: " We are eager to meet you. Are you?? " ... Remember the Date. Naveen & Navnith: "July 5th " Remember the Name. "Genesis"

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Invitation for PESCE Mandya

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